Here’s Where to Find Personalized Masks for Wedding Guests (Sponsored)

Yes, it’s a bizarre time we’re living in! Even if your future wedding guests have been vaccinated it’s likely they will still be required to wear a mask. If you’re planning your wedding during the pandemic we have some great tips for you.

One of those important tips is to embrace not fight proper COVID-19 precautions by having fun with social distancing and proper masking.

A great, fun, and memorable way to do this is by creating personalized masks for your wedding guests!

Kool-Factory believes that your wedding should go on, and they offer easy to order and attractively priced custom printed wedding masks.

It’s easy to match your invites to your custom printed wedding mask.

These masks are made in the USA and use a fancy printing process that allows you to perfect match your invites and other custom wedding graphics with precise color and detail.

Kool Factory is able to produce hyper-realistic images on their masks.

The masks don’t just look great, they also offer fantastic protection with 5-layers of filtration. Your guests can celebrate with you in safety!

Even though these masks use a very high quality printing process, and are made in the USA, they are still priced very competitively with discounts for orders over 10, 25, 50, and 100.

Right now they are also offering a free metal print, using their same high quality printing process, with orders. The metal prints can be customized or personalized with your own wedding photos to create stunning wall decor from your cherished memories of your wedding!

In order to keep all of your guests happy these masks also come in four different sizes including Kids, Small, Medium, and Large. For more detailed info or to place an order visit


*This post was sponsored by Kool Factory. 


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