4 Post Pandemic Wedding Trends You’re Going To See In 2021

If you were supposed to be getting married this year, you may be one of the millions of couples who have chosen to postpone their ceremony until 2021 thanks to the limitations imposed by the global pandemic. And while you may have made the decision to delay your big day, there’s little doubt that the seismic events of this year will make themselves felt in numerous ways in the wedding trends for the year to come. 

While the recent spate of micro-weddings has been embraced by many who want an intimate day with less fuss, there are definitely those who will choose to go maximalist in a post-pandemic celebration when they have the chance. So what other trends will characterise the weddings of 2021?

Thankfulness And Emotions 

The impact of being separated from loved ones for so long and living through the events of the past year will add an extra layer of emotion to weddings taking place in 2021. We are likely to see more couples actively incorporating thankfulness into their day, from handwritten notes for wedding guests to personalised wedding favours to charity donations or volunteering being a part of the wedding prep. That sense of community will make for highly emotional celebrations that have huge significance to guests. 

Go Big Or Go Home

Those who have had to live through the disappointment of being forced to cancel their big day may be tempted to hit back with an even bigger splash when they get their moment. All that waiting means some brides are going to want a spectacular day, incorporating large table displays, over the top flower displays, show stopping entertainment, big beauty looks with bright lips and long hair extensions and lavish food being firmly on the menu. 

The Personal Touch

It will feel even more important to make sure that your wedding reflects the personalities and tastes of you and your partner, so 2021 will bring an even greater emphasis on being individual when you get hitched and in the moments leading up to it. From engagement rings with rose gold to flowers with glitter details or even coloured wedding dresses, brides will be even more determined to put their individual stamp on things, especially since there are likely to be a lot of weddings taking place! 

Sustainably Beautiful 

The pandemic has made us all more aware of our impact on the environment and if the natural world around us. So it’s little wonder that sustainability will be a huge theme in weddings going forward. From responsibly sourced foods from local suppliers, to e-vites over paper invitations, tree planting ceremonies, and heirloom wedding dresses being used, there will be a focus on greener and reusable options during the day. Couples are likely to choose elements such as their outfits with one eye on how they can be reused after the wedding, or looking into eco-tourism for their honeymoon. We are all more collectively aware of issues such as supporting local suppliers and minimising single use items, so expect that to be a key theme in weddings for 2021 and onwards. 

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