Eat, Drink, and be Merry All Day Long

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Food is an essential element in any celebration, and weddings are no exception. “Food is really important, and the more you can factor it in, the better,” says Chicago event planner Michelle Durpetti. Here, she shares five smart suggestions for making your wedding food truly memorable.

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  • Serve guests a little something before the ceremony. “Consider having butler-passed light fare and refreshments prior to the ceremony,” Durpetti says.
  • Keep your cocktail hour to true cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres. “A cocktail hour should be exactly what it claims to be, an hour of cocktails,” Durpetti says.MDE_1 Carasco Photography
  • Don’t let dietart restrictions hold back your dinner course creativity. “We worked with a couple who had some food allergies but really didn’t want to skimp,” Durpetti says. “We partnered with Pure Kitchen anad created a menu that featured gluten-free short ribs and other delectable meals that fit their needs.”MDE_4 Carasco Photography
  • Artful tables featuring candy, pie, or a couple’s favorite local treat add a sweet twist to wedding dessert. “Couture sweets are very in right now, and no one does it better in Chicago than Amy DiTo-masso at Sugar Chic Designs,” Durpetti says.MDE_2 George Street Photography
  • Consider giving guests a “foodie tour map” so they can enjoy their meals outside of the big day, too. “Not only will they get to taste the culinary options of your wedding’s location, they will also get to know it, too,” Durpetti says.