7 Pro Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding 

A beach wedding is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love out in the open air, surrounded by crashing waves and under the sun. The dress code is lighter, and the scenery is not easily forgotten. These pro tips will ensure that all of your wedding details and the wedding program run smoothly and in a timely fashion.  

Remember to consult the local weather news on the days leading up to your wedding so that you can be better prepared for any weather emergencies. If you hire a wedding planner, make sure they can execute all your desires and requests for a picture-perfect beach wedding that meets your budget. 

To plan the perfect beach wedding, take a look at these pro tips. 

  1. Incorporating Lighter Fabrics In The Dress Code 

Some beach locations can experience high temperatures, especially during midday. Consider this element when planning your wedding and make sure that your guests are comfortable on your special day. 

Trade in the heavier formal fabrics for much lighter options that will allow air to flow freely, according to yeahweddings.com. At some beach weddings, the wedding party can even come in swimwear and flip flop sandals if there will be swimming after the ceremony.  

The bride can replace her high heels with lighter sandals and opt out of a veil completely, and walk down the aisle barefoot. If ever the bride chooses to wear a dress, consider a more lightweight fabric like chiffon. Chiffon is a material that flows freely and can prevent any overheating. 

Remember to also put on sunscreen to keep you cool during the ceremony. 

  1. Wedding Decor Should Be Windproof 

When it comes to outdoor destination weddings, you have to consider the area’s natural conditions. A beach can sometimes get windy and loud because of the waves and openness. If you want flower decorations, ensure they are secured and won’t fly off with the wind. This also means you may have to substitute some decor elements for more fitting options, like balloons or candles. 

Also, ensure that any breakables are stored away securely until needed to prevent any accidents. This means bringing the glasses out when it’s time to toast or have refreshments. Also, check your local weather news to keep updated on how windy the location can be on the day.  

  1. Harmonize With The Beach’s Natural Aesthetic 

A beach wedding is a picturesque scene of the natural elements of the beach. You have the sprawling ocean, the warm sand, and the clear blue sky as far as the eye can see. When deciding on the color scheme and the theme of your wedding, choose colors that can harmonize with this backdrop, like different shades of blue.  

The beauty of having a beach wedding is you won’t need to overdo it with the decorations as you already have such a beautiful backdrop. You can also use different types of natural stones in your decor to carry the theme of a beach wedding.  

  1. Make All Necessary Booking Before Hand 

If ever you want to propose to your partner at a beach resort, make your reservations weeks in advance. Resort weddings are trendy because resort staff can assist you in ensuring that your wedding meets all your requirements. If you want any acts or professionals at the wedding like a DJ or fire dancer, book all acts in advance to prevent any booking problems.  

If you need to see a tailor, nail technician, or hairstylist, make these bookings in a timely manner to avoid overbooking conflicts. You will have completed all of the necessary bookings by the time your wedding day arrives.  

  1. Get High–Quality Sound Equipment 

Beach weddings need to have high-quality sound equipment because your vows should not compete with the crushing sound of waves. Good sound equipment will ensure that your guests will be able to hear the person officiating the wedding as well as your vows. If you have a master of ceremonies for the wedding, good sound equipment will be great for their voice to project to all the guests.  

High-Quality sound equipment will also ensure that the music plays smoothly and there are no awkward silences during the reception. The Dj will also be able to  set up and get the festivities rolling easily.  

  1. Create A Lot Of Shaded Spaces 

Apart from ensuring you wear sunscreen on your special day, make sure that there are many shaded spaces. This can be done by renting tents to be set up on the beach to provide shade for your guests and wedding party. This is brilliant, especially if you have kids or older people attending your wedding so that they can keep cool.  

You can also make sure the alter is shaded so that the bride and groom do not overheat between vows. This will also make sure the officiator remains cool throughout the event. 

  1. Consult A Professional Wedding Planner 

If you want to plan the perfect, relaxed beach wedding but have other commitments in life, you can hire a professional wedding planner to help you. 

A wedding planner will be able to handle all the details of the wedding for you, from the invitations to the seating arrangements. You will be able to focus on work, your family, or your passions while plans are underway. Wedding planners can also help you stick to your budget and offer you options that fit within your price range.  

Wedding details will be approved before being executed, so you will still have complete oversight of everything.  


By adopting these pro tips, you will be able to plan the perfect beach wedding. Guests will be relaxed and comfortable while the waves crash into each other in a picturesque scene. Think creatively when it comes to decor and consider the natural elements of the beach when planning. Make sure the flowers and seating options are secure and that you provide shade and refreshments.