Best Colors for Beach Weddings

beach wedding colors

Is there really a setting in the world more romantic for a wedding than the beach? The breaking waves and the warmth of the sand – the unrivaled sunrises and sunsets, it’s as if beaches were actually made for weddings.

Beaches around the world are so different from each other. Some are rocky with dramatic cliffs and others are pristine with pure soft white sand. The people and the communities along the water can be equally as diverse. The atmosphere at an urban Jersey Shore wedding is wildly different than one on a cliff overlooking the waves in Hawaii, or a barefoot affair in the Outer Banks.

Certainly there are elements that are common among the locations – wedding décor, invitation suites, and design motifs include sea stars (starfish), sand dollars, driftwood, sea glass, seashells and sand. But each has a different personality and a different ambience that impacts wedding style.

We spent some time thinking of our favorite beaches in the Western Hemisphere and put together our suggestions for the best colors for each kind of beach wedding.

If your wedding will be held here: Consider these colors:

Pristine Tropical White Sand Beach Turquoise, Blue and White

Outer Banks, East Coast Wedding Tangerine, Turquoise, White, Taupe

New Jersey Boardwalk Wedding Navy, Aqua, Fawn and Sand

Riviera Maya (Mexico) Wedding Gold Sequins and Raspberry

Western Florida Turquoise and Copper

Cape Cod Burgundy, Blush and Dusty Green

Hawaii Purple, Pink and White or

Burgundy, Raspberry and Lime

San Diego Blush and Ivory

Note: we run the risk of convincing you that these beautiful color combinations are the only ones you should consider for your beach wedding, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We narrowed each locale down to one palette that speaks volumes about the character and individual personality about that geographical slice of the world. But beach weddings are incredibly versatile. They can be formal or casual, intimate or giant celebrations. Some ceremonies are waterfront on a boardwalk, deck or grassy oasis, while others are full-on toes in the sand.

Where beaches are somewhat isolated from local architecture, the palette possibilities are practically limitless. It’s hard to find colors that don’t go well with water and sand. If beach houses line the shore, pull your color palette from the available hues.

Fashion is flexible too. It’s totally possible to hold a formal beachside wedding complete with a string quartet, large bridal party, tuxes and full-length beach bridesmaid dresses.

Conversely, the beach is the perfect place to let your hair down. Not only can men wear shorts and sandals, but brides can avoid purchasing traditional bridal gowns as well. One of the most popular selections when purchasing a beach gown is to choose from favorite beach bridesmaid dresses in white or ivory and sport that on the wedding day instead of a formal gown. Walk down the aisle to the minimalist, romantic sound of a ukulele or the beautiful a capella voice of a native singer.

No matter what you ultimately choose as your beach wedding style, you are sure to have a romantic waterside wedding day.


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