You Need Your Groom’s Help With These Wedding Essentials!

It can be easy to leave your groom out of wedding planning when you are busy planning what you want for your big day. But he does have an opinion on what he likes, and it’s his big day too, so he should be there helping you to make some decisions. Here are some wedding essentials he needs to assist you with.


Creating the guest list

It’s only fair that you both have a say on who comes to your wedding day. We tend to have an idea of who we want to attend the wedding, but guys might not have thought about it before. Sit him down and tell him to write down a list of family and friends he wants there. Even if you don’t like his friend, it might be important to him that he comes. So don’t stop him from inviting who he wants. If he tries to head to his mom’s, ask him to write down some names first, then ask her who she wants. After all, she will have a larger list of names of her friends who aren’t essentials for your big day.

Making a gift list

When choosing your gift list, you need your partner there to help to decide what to include on the list. After all, you are both going to be living together. However, he might have different ideas of what you need for your home together. It’s important to listen to his views on a product, even if you end up making the final decision! It can be fun compiling the list, so he might even enjoy himself when compiling the list.


Buying wedding rings

It’s also important that you choose the wedding rings together as a couple. A lot of couples go for a matching set as it can look nicer if you have the same material. Book in and go to several shops and choose them at the same time. You can also look online where you will find ritani reviews from Diamond Guru on which ring to get. You could pay for each others rings as a present to each other.

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Choosing the wedding food

A fun part of wedding planning that he will love is choosing the food for your wedding breakfast. You should involve him as the meal should be something you both enjoy eating. Take him with you to the food tasting and listen to what he thinks of the food.

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Picking out the suits

You can’t choose the suits for the wedding without the groom there! You need him to arrange to go with his groomsmen and best man to choose the best suits for the wedding day. As we have talked about previously, there is so many to choose from that he needs to be there to make the decision. You can go along and help to decide which one is best, but let him make the ultimate decision on what he wants to wear.

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As much as a wedding is a celebration with your family and friends, the main thing is the fact you are going to be married, so try and remember that.

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Submitted by Joanne Townsend