Yawn! Is Your Wedding Boring?


Everybody wants to believe that their wedding is unique: something that their guests will remember for a lifetime. But the fact of the matter is that your guests will likely attend about 20 weddings on average during their lives, and not all of them will be memorable, or even enjoyable.

One of the problems with modern weddings is that they are all a little bit alike. We have a clearly defined notion of what a wedding should be, and we often stick faithfully to it. But weddings don’t have to be generic. They can be interesting. And they don’t have to be solely focused on the bride a groom: they can be fun for your guests too.

So what should you do to avoid your wedding becoming a chore for the people attending? Take a look at some of these ideas to make it a day to enjoy and remember.

Pile Up Their Plates

The last thing you want is for your guests to go hungry at your wedding. But hunger is a real problem. Often wedding ceremonies take place in the middle of the day, and by the time the wedding breakfast comes around, it’s usually 4 or 5 p.m. That’s a long time to wait for food since breakfast, especially if you’re not used to it. It can make the passing of time painful, which in turn can lead to feelings of boredom.

So what can you do? First thing’s first: offer your guests tasty hor d’oeuvres as soon as they enter the venue. Mini tapas, small cups of soup, toasted veggie skewers: anything that is easy to pick up with the hands and won’t make much of a mess. Ensure that everybody is fed (at least a little bit) before the ceremony gets going to avoid your guests just watching the clock.

Make Your Outfits Interesting

A lot of people who go to weddings are interested in the outfits. They want to be able to look at something exciting while they are with you. So what can you do as bride and groom? Look for new ties for men, wear a special kind of dress, create a unique theme for your bridesmaids, or have the groomsmen wear something unusual and in vogue.

Be Prompt And On Schedule

A major bugbear for wedding guests are the long periods of time between each stage of the ceremony. Most couples think that these breaks in the itinerary are a good thing, but more often than not they involve guests standing around, getting hot and bothered.

Guests want a compact itinerary. They want to go from the ceremony to the reception, to the wedding breakfast to the dancing reasonably rapidly, without having to stand around in uncomfortable clothes all day. Stick to your schedule and your guests will secretly thank you for it.

Arrange Transport

Finally, ensure that you arrange transport away from your venue. Guests don’t have to think about limiting their alcohol consumption because they have to drive. And, because of this, they are more likely to have an enjoyable time.


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