Why Have A Wedding?

I was talking with a good friend the other day, and she just couldn’t understand why I’d want to get married. As living together is the norm these days, there are many people that share her view. But I’m here to tell you that having a wedding is still an important tradition that both you as a couple and your friends and family can get a lot out of.

Make a commitment

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Firstly while I know marriage isn’t for everyone, I really respect those who do tie the knot. It’s not easy to have a successful wedding or a successful marriage, so kudos to those who do both. These traditions both take a lot of work and compromise. I am old fashioned at heart, though. I sincerely believe that ‘two are better than one,’ because we can rely on each other, and help each other out when things get tough. Making that formal commitment shows everyone in your life than you are serious about your relationship.

Have a big party

While some people think that the only reason to get married is to have a big party, most people entered into the union a bit more seriously than that. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a celebration as well.

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You’ll need to plan like crazy and book a venue, musical entertainment, and food. Remember that anything you are scheduling for a wedding will get booked up fast. Speak to your chosen caterers at least a year in advance and check that your wedding venue is available for the date you want. Also, be sure to pay your deposit and confirm with your wedding DJ in plenty of time.  But be careful that it doesn’t all become about the party and you forget the marriage.

Also, it’s important to keep an eye on the cost of everything. Choose things that you like or have significance for you as a couple rather than to please or impress your guests.

Celebrate your love

Another reason why you should have a wedding is to celebrate your love for each other. Life can be tough; families don’t get together as often as they should and what better way to bring everyone together than for a family wedding? A wedding is a fantastic time for your nearest and dearest to offer you advice and show their love and support for your relationship. Get everyone to write down their recommendations to the newlyweds at the reception. Or if you are on a budget, get friends and families to help put by bringing cakes or food for the reception, which makes for a lovely community atmosphere.

Bring the families together


Remember when you get married, it’s not just you and your husband that are joining, but the two families as well. A wedding is a nice formal way of bringing these two groups together. I love the ‘pick a seat, not a side’ signs as it really shows the melding of the two families. Just don’t let uncle bob drink too much and embarrass you with his dad dancing!
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