What’s On Your Wedding Shopping List?

While planning a wedding may be one of the most stressful things you could ever do, there are plenty of times when you’ll love it. After all, who doesn’t love shopping? There are so many things you need to buy before the big day. Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of all the planning is the worry that you’ll forget something! So we’ve compiled the ultimate wedding shopping list for you so you can be sure that everything you need is just a credit card transaction away:


This one isn’t every likely to be forgotten, but we’ve kicked the list off with it anyway. As well as the dress for the ceremony, you might want a lighter one for the reception. Think food and dancing! And it’s not uncommon to change into another outfit for leaving the party for the honeymoon. You’ll need underwear as well. Many brides opt for contouring undies to give the dress the ultimate silhouette shape. Then there is the bridal lingerie for the honeymoon! Are you opting for a veil or a tiara? These can usually be picked up at the bridal shop together with the shoes, stockings, and wraps.


The Mother of the Groom may be happy to help you here. As well as your beautiful bridal bouquet, the Groomsmen will need buttonholes. Any guys in formal wear often wear them. Pick a color to keep them uniform. The bloom is usually selected to match something from your own bouquet. You might choose to have a corsage on the day. Bridesmaids may also wear corsages or floral hairpieces. And your Maid of Honor is likely to need a small bouquet too. Don’t forget all the decorations for the ceremony and reception venues. What about your bridal car? Finally, ask Mom if she would like a bloom for her hat.

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Your wedding jewelry could be as simple or complex as you like. Start with the wedding bands. Most couples choose matching bands. This doesn’t mean they need to be boring, but you should shop together to be sure you’re both happy. Modern bands are often a silver color rather than gold. You could even choose a meteorite wedding ring for each of you. There are many choices in white gold and titanium that could suit you both. Your Husband may want some gemstone cuff links. You may want a necklace to complement the dress. Pearl sets of necklace and earrings are common.

Gifts And Favors

A lot of friends and family members will help you organize your perfect day. It’s important to show them just how much you appreciate their input. Gifts and cards can be a really thoughtful way to say thank you. Typically, favors are left on the tables for all the women guests at your reception. Gifts could be distributed during the speeches. It gives you the chance to stand up in front of everyone and say thanks in a special way.

The shopping list for your wedding could be quite long. Some planners can manage a lot of these things for you and bill you at the end. What’s on your shopping list?

Contributed on behalf of Modern Weddings