What Will Make Your Wedding One To Remember?

Everyone wants their wedding to be the one that stands in the sea of weddings that take place each year. But the fact of the matter is that this can’t happen, not for every wedding; there are just too many. That’s not to say that weddings are bad. It’s just that they typically follow the same tried and tested formulas, which are pleasant and fun, but not out of the ordinary. If you want your wedding to be one to remember for the ages, then you’ll need to put all the right pieces in place and hope for a bit of luck. We take a look at a few additions to include below. 

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Personalized Touches

It’s your wedding, so make sure that everyone knows it! Throughout your wedding, you’ll want to look at adding certain personal touches that let everyone know that this day is for you. Indeed, you can even get this theme started before the wedding. Your wedding invitations, for example, can be personalized — rather than including the usual ‘fancy font’ and loving vector, opt for a personalized photograph/drawing. You can even ramp up the personal touch by asking your guests to include a song they’d like to hear on the dancefloor.

In the Outdoors

There are some pretty beautiful indoor-only venues around, but it’s best to have a venue that blends the indoors and the outdoors. There’s just something special about having the option of enjoying the sunshine all together, and the photos will look amazing. Venues such as The Bowery KC offer the chance to gather your guests outside and also enjoy beautiful views at the same time. Weddings can be pretty magical when they take place in the city, but they can feel a little less free. When you’re in scenic spaces, away from others, you’ll find it easier to create your own atmosphere. 

A Great Guestlist

It’s the people who are at the wedding who determine whether it’s one for the ages or not! So when it comes to putting together your guest list, be sure to make sure that you’re just inviting people that you know will contribute to an outstanding atmosphere. Of course, no-one tries to invite dull people, but that’s not what we’re getting at anyway. One common mistake is inviting people out of duty (say, people in the office). It’s better to have fewer people (who are good friends) rather than inviting more just for show.

Throwing a Party

A good party will live long in the memory! Be sure to hire an outstanding DJ and encourage people to dance by keeping the lights turned low. They’ll love it. 

Surprise Touches 

Finally, why not look at incorporating a few surprise touches into your wedding? If you have things that people aren’t expecting, then you’ll be giving them something to remember. This could be a special wedding entrance, fireworks, a live band, or a special speech. You only get one chance to throw an awesome party, so make the most of it!


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