What to Expect at a Gorgeous Beach Wedding Ceremony

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Planning out a beach wedding is one of the most memorable and beautiful things that one can do to make her wedding a lifetime experience. Tying the knot at the beachside can be really amazing and is no less than a fantasy. But beach weddings cannot be hosted like the normal ones and comes in a different format. You should take a lot of factors into consideration such as beautiful but cheap wedding dresses, light and cakes.

So, if you are hosting a gorgeous beach wedding, then here is what you can expect:

Ditching the Bulky Wedding Dresses:

Beach weddings do not welcome the heavy, voluminous gowns and dresses. A ball gown should be reserved for a ballroom, as a long trail along the sands is going to spoil your dress and nothing else. So, beach wedding dresses should be something that can let you breathe free and give you the ease while walking down on the sands. Try going in for short length wedding dresses and gowns that can let you face the breeze and sands with ease rather than making you feel whopping and conscious at all times.

Cutting off the Heels:

No! No! We are not telling you to chop off your heels from your beautiful silver sandals, but not buying them at all is our say. We agree that ball gowns go best with high heels. But, when you are not going for those bulky wedding dresses, why be friends with high heels? High heels and bulky dresses are not a good combo to mix with the sands. So, chuck off those pencil, kitten, and other pointy heels and go in for wedges, flat soles, and espadrilles that can give you comfort and make you aisle walk on the sand.

Think Light for a Beach Wedding:

You should think light when you plan out for a beach wedding. Bulky fabrics, heavy work, bulky sandals, and veils can go wrong with your beach wedding dresses if you are planning for a beach wedding. Staying light and allowing the breeze to kiss your forehead is something that can make you feel confident and stress-free on your beach wedding.

The Sound Effect:

There can be a lot of background noises at the beaches. And, for having a rock and roll party at the beach, one needs to have a good sound system set up at the wedding venue to plan out some ultimate fun for the guests. Using microphones can be your friends but do not forget to use windscreens on them, or it can annoy and frustrate people attending the wedding.

A Beach-themed Wedding Cake:

Wedding cakes are one of the most primary things of a wedding and having the vows taken amongst the winds and waves calls for a beach-themed wedding cake. You can also try out something budgeted and creative by going in for cupcakes.

Hire an Expert Wedding Planner:

Planning a beach wedding all by yourself can be a bit hectic task. A destination wedding comes with a lot of responsibilities, so consider hiring a wedding planner who can plan it right. They can have your angels on the big day who can make you concentrate on your vows of love rather than running here and there for making the arrangements.

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