What To Do When You Can’t Attend A Wedding

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Someone’s wedding day is one of the most important times in their life. When going through this process, people will always want to have their closest friends, family members, and other people from their life to attend, and will work very hard to put together a suitable event for it. Of course, though, availability isn’t always assured, and you could find yourself too busy for something like this. If you ever find yourself in this position, it will be worth coming back to this post, as it will be exploring the steps which can be taken to limit the negative impact which you absence will have for the bride and groom.

Being Open & Honest

It will hurt enough to know that you’re not going to someone’s wedding, but this will only get worse when you’re not honest enough. When you can’t go to something like this, it will be worth being open and honest from the very beginning, as this will give the happy couple the chance to come to terms with the issue, while also saving them from spending money to make sure that they have space for you. You should work hard to let people know what you’re doing as early as possible, even if this means confirming that you can’t go before you know for sure as to whether or not you will be busy.

Be There In Spirit

One of the key reasons people will want you to go to their wedding will be as a show of your support for their partnership. This isn’t something you need to be there in person to achieve, though, with loads of tokens and gestures giving you the chance to give the couple something which they can keep with them during the service. Garments are one of the best options for this, as they will look normal to everyone else, but will hold special significance to those wearing them, as they will know that they have come from you. Some people will be happier with this compromise than others.

Request A Recording

Wedding photography has been growing as a field for a very long time. Wanting to capture every second of their big day, most people will spend a small fortune on professionals like this, but will rarely make the most of it. When you can’t go to an event, you have a great chance to help out with this, requesting that a video be made of the big day. While this will cost a little more than just photos, it will be a much better representation of the things which have transpired. There will almost certainly be other important people who can’t make it, and this will also give them the chance to soak up the wedding properly.


Tradition has long dictated that people attending weddings should have gifts waiting for the people who are tying the knot. With loads of options available for this element of the wedding, you have a great chance to make up for your absence with this contribution, and there is a huge range of gifts which can make a great impact here. Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot of money to achieve this goal, though. Instead, to make sure that it feels genuine, it will be best to look for something reasonably priced which shows a lot of care and thought has gone into the whole ordeal. Below, you can find some examples of the best options available.


  • Flowers: Flowers have long be used by people to show a huge range of different things, from grief and sorrow to celebration and joy, and this is worth taking advantage of. Modern flower delivery makes it possible to have a fresh bouquet delivered to the venue on the day of the big event. Coupled with the bespoke building services which can be found online, this sort of option can make it possible to give a truly unique gift which will serve as a living reminder of your care.



  • Experiences: When a couple ties the knot, they will often be entering a new chapter in their life. The things they see and do during this period will hold extra significance, and most people will work hard to do new things with their partner once they are married. To help them out with this, experience days can make a great wedding gift, providing the happy couple with the chance to go on an adventure. This is particularly good for those who can’t afford a honeymoon away.



  • Artwork: Buying a home and moving in with one another is a step which a lot of newly married couples decide to take. When first approaching this part of life, though, very few people have everything they need to put together a new home, and this presents a great gifting opportunity. Artwork can be a risky gift, but it can also be a great one, making it well worth looking down this route when you’re looking for ideas for a newly married couple. You have to make sure that you know what they like before you get started.


Keeping Up To Date

Once the wedding is over, there will be a long period which is still very important to the new couple. In the glow of their recent accomplishments, having people ask about their new bond will always make a new couple feel great, and this is something which you can easily give them for free. Messages on social media, phone calls, and talking face to face can all work for this, as long as you show that you are excited about their new status. Everyone feels happier know that people care about them.

With all of this in mind, dealing with the fallout of being unable to attend a wedding should be nice and easy. A lot of people find themselves in this position, struggling to know how to let those they care about know that they can’t go to such an important event. In reality, though, the happy couple with have a lot on their minds, making it a simple matter of making them feel good to right the wrongs.

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