Say Yes To Bredding: The British-Inspired Wedding

Every wedding is unique because each one of them is a special day for a couple. However, it doesn’t always suffice to make the ceremony unique. If you are still on the look for amazing wedding themes, why not surprise your guests with a perfectly mannered British inspired wedding or a Bredding? There is a lot to be said for a British wedding, especially if you have an acute sense of romance – and especially if you still rewatch the old classic romantic comedies, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” or “Notting Hill”, just to appreciate the social awkwardness of a young Hugh Grant – and a good sense of cheekiness. So how to make it happen? Here are a few ideas to britishize your wedding day.

Bring Out The Best Of British Food (Yes, You Heard Right)

Although we know a lot about European food, the focus tends to be very often on French or Italian cuisine for wedding ceremonies. Believe it or not, but you can make a fantastic and delicious buffet using only British food. Start with a nice pun, and prepare a table for cheese cakes, aka cheeses piled up as if to draw the outline of a wedding cake, using world’s famous British cheeses from Cheddar to Cornish Yard. Then you could entrust local breweries to supply artisanal and organic beers and ciders for the party. Finally, don’t forget that Britain has got some of the most playful pie histories in the world. For instance, in 1626, Queen Henrietta Maria found a dwarf dressed in a miniature suit of armor in her pie.

Queen Henrietta Maria with her dwarf friend Jeffrey

Queen Henrietta Maria with her dwarf friend Jeffrey

Quirky Little Details That Make All The Difference

Sometimes you don’t need to go over the top to keep the theme consistent. Little details can make all the difference. From decorating your actual wedding cake with the Union Jack to wearing British inspired shoes – you can find some excellent models with the flag and some others with the queen too –, give all those little details some attention. The little touches can go a long way when it comes to keeping a décor real.

Plant The Romantic British Scenery

Right, we’ve said it: Décor. Is there a better way to celebrate your British inspired wedding than in a beautiful cottage? Naturally, that is assuming that you are getting married during the warmer months of the year as a cottage would be less bright and flowery in winter. Imagine limewashed wall, a garden full of flowers and butterflies, and maybe the lovely smell of the orchard at the end of the garden. This is exactly what a British wedding should feel like.

Get Your British Gear Out

Last, but not least, you can complete the look with a Victorian-inspired dress for a true British wedding. Corset dresses are not only very flattering, but they also have a romantic touch to them, especially when paired with lace gloves and maybe a crown of flowers in your hair. Let the romantic bride in you enjoy the day.

Romantic corsetRomantic corset