What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Weddings

Hollywood is known for its style and sophistication and what better time to inject some of this into your life than when you are getting married. We want our big day to be magical and memorable, and we can follow the example of Hollywood to do help us make our wedding dream come true.

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The one thing Hollywood is known for, more than anything else is its’ stars! Cutting edge style and timeless inspiration mix, and by following their example your own wedding look you can go wrong. Remember that you will be the star of your wedding day, so make sure you put together a look that makes your feel like the centre of attention. Be inspired by the old Hollywood glamour of a short swing style wedding dress or an avant-garde gown that would look at home on the red carpet.

Lavish scenery

Of course, no major Hollywood production would be complete without some lavish scenery and back drops. That is why is so important to give a lot of thought to your venue and decoration. Make sure that the quality of the tables and chair that use match the elegance of your venue. Are you looking for wedding furniture for hire? Then try some of the local companies that work regularly with your venue. If you want to go big on the Hollywood glamour, then hire a ballroom that can be lit with mood lights is the way forward. Have large floral displays on the table and complete the look by getting your guests to wear black ties and balls gowns.


While most Hollywood stars complain about the paparazzi,  you will want a visual document of your special day.  After putting in so much time money and effort, you will want some great pictures so make sure that you get a good photographer that you trust. It’s quite popular now have an engagement shoot and use those photos as decoration as the wedding. You can frame your favourite and get everyone to autograph around it was a perfect keepsake of the day. Or why not use your own version of the Hollywood Blvd handprints? You can buy prints of a tree trunk with branches and an ink pad. Get everyone to dip their fingers in ink and print leaves on the tree to as a lasting memory of who attended your big day.  Then you can frame it and hang it on the wall. It’s a great alternative to a traditional guest book.

Opulent food

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Any Oscar party alumni will tell you that the essence of any good Hollywood part is delicious food and drinks. Hollywood starlets might not be able to eat too much because of their slinky cocktail dresses.  But I can guarantee that you guests will have a healthy appetite. You can go for a sit down formal meal, a lavish buffet or provide a wealth of hors d’oeuvres. These are super stylish when circulated the room by waiting, staff. This will allow you, guests, to enjoy delicious bites to eat, while not filling the so full that they cannot enjoy the dancing later on.

Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings