What Are the Different Types of Corporate Events?

A party is a social event hosted by someone with the intention of providing ample time and connection over great meals and drinks. Corporate events are business-related. However, much fun can come out of them. With corporate parties, the clientele is the office colleagues and management alongside some invited guests. This tells you that the party is not an ordinary social party where food and booze are enough to define the evening.

Most corporations come from Thursdays and Fridays of the week. This is an advantage to the planner since they will not get many people with busy schedules by then. Also, it helps with booking and requesting reservations. This post will take you through a process to organize and throw a great fun corporate party.

Theme the event

Honestly, a majority of people attend parties because of the theme. Other than the thrill and anticipation themes give parties; they also command a lot of fun and uniformity. The excitement that would be surrounding the whole planning process would be so enormous that there won’t be a soul who will dare miss the party for anything. There are thousands of themes you can choose from. For example, an all-white party, or vintage 80’s party. You can get party theme packages online or ask around from friends. Besides, since the party is an official party, try to throw in some fun, which will remain on people’s lips for a long time.

Another way you can utilize the power of a theme is through inspiration. A theme could be inspirational, especially when thought out well and in line with the objective of the corporate party. Also, you can go all out for a charity minute. At this time, you encourage the guests to contribute to the contribution jar for charity. Everyone loves to be a part of a meaningful course. Besides, they will derive a lot of fun from this. And some sense of helpfulness.

Offer more

Here is where you get to think what you can infuse into the party menu to give that extra something to get people engaged other than the standard music and drinks. When it comes to music, hire a Dj to mix different music genres. One type of music can be boring. Also, include a lounge where people can retire to rest up their backs after vigorous dances and chat a little with the others. People like quality conversations; therefore, several couches in the lounge will go a long way in helping the situation. Parties provide opportunities for people who were unable to catch up to be together finally. To take care of such instances, a chat lounge should be established. In addition to a chat lounge, there are different dance flows to accommodate all people’s preferences.

With more, you can incorporate games and outdoor challenges. So, choose an event venue where you can easily access the outdoors.

Promote a variety of interactions

The best way to do this is to widen your scope of invitations. People get a thrill in getting to meet and meet new people. They get to start conversations and end up meeting and to forge new friendships. So, give the guests a chance to go about and mingle with some new faces.

Introduce new stuff

New stuff plays well with everyone. No one hates newness in their lives. Corporate parties bring together different people from different places of origin. Some may even be from abroad. To make fun and enjoy maximally, you can invite different people with varied recipes to make a meal for the guests. And then, surprise your guests. Also, you can put in use the experience you obtained from the time you were traveling to come up with a story, an artifact of food that will give your guests something new to think about.

Give prizes

Free prizes? Well, who doesn’t like free gifts? You can incorporate a few free gifts such as bars of chocolates, gift cards, Fitbit’s, game tickets, coffee mugs, etc. The gifts serve to act as add-ons or appreciation for attendance. Whatever is the reason for the gifts, no one will throw a chance to get one. To them, they are souvenirs they can never forget.

Make memories

In modern times, there won’t be a party that doesn’t have a photographer on standby. You can as well hire a professional photography booth to encourage the guests to make long-lasting memories by taking photographs. However, due to the rise of social media, there has been the rise of the social principle of desiring to fit. This has led to people posting billions of photos every minute of the day. So, there wouldn’t be a reason for you to encourage photo taking. In fact, a majority will fight for the booth.

Get a great venue

It plays well if the party location is far away from the office. This helps to get people freed up, and they are likely to enjoy their time more. Also, a great venue is such a turn on for party-goers. You can organize the party from a hotel or a rented party venue, which will guarantee maximum fun, unlike the ballroom or conference area in the office premises.

The bottom line

Just like any other party, a corporate party is supposed to be a fun engagement where all your work colleagues or a few industry players are invited to celebrate success. These parties give employees confidence and morale. They also act as grounds where shareholders would meet and exchange a few ideas which will ultimately change the course of the organization. Such parties may also be used to discuss a way forward and come up with a plan and objective for the employees to reach. This may happen if the organization does not have the financial muscle to foot for another bill of a corporate event dedicated to planning and strategizing. Therefore, hitting two birds with one stone may look like the best option on the table.


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