Weddings Are Special, Receptions Are Fun

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Most wedding days can be split into two parts. You have the part where you walk down the aisle in a dress that looks like it has been made out of a thousand stars, everyone ooo-ing and awww-ing as you stand at the front, the look of love in your eyes. This is the special part where hearts the world over get a little warmer.

The other part is the reception which, let’s be honest, is the part your guests are looking forward to most of all. Don’t take that personally. After all, who doesn’t want to eat delicious food, drink fine wine and dance the funky chicken like there’s no tomorrow? Basically, you need to make this part as fun as possible, and here are some little tips on how:

Be Kind With The Seating

We know how easy it is to want to mix people from different social circles and encourage a night where new friendships are made and fresh conversations are held. But try and steer away from this. Playing matchmaker is nowhere near as safe as putting far-flung friends together for a raucous night of catching up.

People Of Few Words

If there is one rule you remember when it comes to making your toasts it is quality over quantity. Please, for the love of all things fun, keep your speeches short and sweet. Two minutes max. Say what you need to say, have people laugh and then drop the mic and get that party started. If you really want to share some longer anecdotes, then do it at the rehearsal dinner.

Be Somewhere Unique

Where you hold your reception is going to have a huge impact on the ambience of your party from the very second your guests arrive right up to when they are forced into their Ubers. It could be that you rock one of these rooftop weddings that are all the rage and enjoy the skyline as the sun goes down, or hold a rustic wedding in a glade in the middle of a forest, or find an abandoned pavilion on a beach somewhere. So long as you can do something slightly different you will have the foundation for fun laid.

Remix Your Dance

There are only a handful of occasions when all eyes are on you, and one of these is the first dance, which is what makes it the perfect opportunity for you to have a little fun and plan a surprise. By all means start slow and traditional, but then break into something a little more up-tempo. Break into an energetic salsa, nail that breakdance routine you’ve been practising in secret or any number of other options. Trust us, your friends and family will hop onto the floor and follow suit.  

Get People Dancing

You may well have loved folk music or heavy metal during your college days, but your reception is not the time to entertain that little urge of yours. Instead, your mission is to keep the dance floor packed with people, which means hiring a DJ or a band that can offer you the perfect playlist for achieving this. A good old knees-up is the secret to a good bash.

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