Wedding Weight Worries? Make Sure You’re In Shape For The Big Day!

Wedding Weight Worries? Make Sure You're In Shape For The Big Day!(Image courtesy of PixaBay)

Weddings are something of a chaotic thing to prepare for, no matter how organized you are. Once you’ve set a date, you’re firing a starting pistol on something which requires a lot of preparation. And unless you’ve set that date for “way, way in the future,” you can run short of time before you know it.

You’ve got all the usual stuff to prepare. Dress, venue, invites, photographer, bridesmaids and groomsmen. All the things that every wedding show focuses on, and a time limit to do it within. Oh, the dress! You’re going to look so beautiful in it; all eyes will be on you. It truly will be a special day.

Oh, wait. ALL eyes? Yes, most of them will belong to people who are thinking “She looks so happy! I’m glad she found someone who makes her feel that way!”. But you know that some of them will be surveying you critically, and you don’t want to give them anything to find.

So one more thing to add to the list: you need to be in your best shape ever. As various articles such as this one on show, those photographs are going to last forever, after all.

Choose Your Diet Wisely

Dieting for the dress is a complex issue and depends in large part on what dress you’ve picked. If you’ve gone for an off-the-shoulder dress, then you don’t want any overspill at the back. You need to avoid foods like flavored yogurt and white rice and focus on lean meats, brown rice, and leafy greens.

At any sitting, at least half of your plate should be veg. This helps release glucagon, which zaps fatty acids away from your problem areas.

Walkin’ Back To Happiness

A trip to the gym twice a week from now until the big day will help in more than just fat burning. It will help you get toned, so do some light lifting especially if the dress is going to be revealing. Also, pencil in some walking trips. This will tone muscles in your legs. If those critical eyes pass over your butt, they’ll find nothing to criticize there. Sites such as will help you with key issues like arch support and gait.

Also, and it sounds bizarre, but it’s no bad thing to practice walking. You’ll be the center of attention as you make that slow walk down the aisle. Good leg muscles beget good posture. Just don’t break into a power walk when you hear “Here Comes The Bride”!

Most Importantly, Don’t Go Too Far

You want to look your best in the dress, but remember that “best” and “thinnest” are not the same thing. Have a target in mind, but see it as a bull’s eye and not a landmark. When you hit it, stick to it – don’t try to exceed it. Brides who look bony and frail make for a much sadder wedding photo than those carrying an extra pound or more.

If you need convincing on that, you’ll be standing for a long time on your wedding day. If you’re malnourished, that’s going to be Hell, and you’ll risk fainting. Which is not how you want to remember the big day!

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