Wedding Trends for 2018

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Technology is leading the wedding trends for 2018. Mobile apps, drone technology, and social media are blending into wedding traditions to help every bride create a perfect event. Technology can make a wedding genuinely dazzle – and it is often rather affordable.

Wedding Photos by Drones

Photographers and videographers are finding new and creative ways to record weddings and receptions. A drone can capture both fun and intimate moments without the intrusion of a human photographer. Drone photography has become a standard practice with wedding photographers, so there any bride can find a photography package that fits her budget with due to this lovely technology.

Live Streaming the Ceremony

Live streaming is a perfect solution for destination weddings where some guests are unable to attend. It also allows couples to share their special day with friends and relatives around the world who may not have made the invite list. Many photographers offer live streaming or it can be an inexpensive DIY project with iPads, smartphones, and a mobile app like Facetime or Skype.

Robots Bearing Rings … and Drinks

Every modern wedding needs a robot. Flora the Flower Girl can add a humorous touch to the wedding ceremony. Other options include robotic animals bearing rings or bartending robots to serve drinks at the reception. For a truly memorable wedding ceremony, a robot can officiate. It’s not difficult to imagine a future where guests send robot stand-ins to the wedding and interact from home.

Ask for Cash in an Elegant Manner

Sometimes the best gift is cash, but asking can be awkward. Tendr solved this problem by creating an elegant gift registry where the bride and groom can give guests the opportunity to give cash in a simple and thoughtful way. Tendr also provides an option to send donations to a charity designated by the happy couple.

Send Thank You Notes with Technology of Mobile App

Thank you notes are so important, but a task that tempts the procrastination tendencies of even the most thoughtful brides. This task has become easier due the availability of mobile app that are specific for wedding purposes! Thanks to the developer of this technology brides don’t have to procrastinate anymore and just use the app to send the Thank you notes to whomever they like.


These are just some of the options for incorporating technology into the wedding day. The Apple Store and Google Play offer many mobile apps that help plan the wedding from picking the date to creating the guest list. 


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