Wedding Ring Ideas Which Aren’t Diamond


Choosing a ring for your wedding is one those decisions which will either be really easy or really difficult. There are lots of different choices available for you to choose as a bride, and most of those choices will be Diamond.

The reason Diamond is so popular for weddings is that it is the strongest material known to man and therefore is the most precious for new couples. Buying diamonds with new and upcoming cuts such as the cut above which you can see in this Whiteflash review is the norm, but not everyone is a fan of diamonds for their own wedding. If you would prefer something more unique and personal this year, here are some of the alternatives to the diamond you can buy.

A Knot

if bling isn’t really your thing, you can skip the gems altogether and instead opt for what is known as a Love knot. Love knots are a symbol of never-ending affection and they are a stunning but simple design to use for your wedding ring. Everyone at your wedding will be in awe of your ring choice!

Other Gemstones

If you simply think that Diamond isn’t for you. There are tonnes of other amazing gemstones you can use for your wedding ring this year. Here are some of the most popular with their meanings:

Agate: truth
Apatite: communication
Aquamarine: protection and courage
Blue Topaz: courage to overcome fears
Garnet: passionate and devotion
Opal: love, passion, spontaneity
Pearl: harmony, purity, worth
Rose quartz: love, peace, and calm
Ruby: fire, love, royalty
Turquoise: friendship

Any of these gemstones can evoke the same amazing feelings you have for your partner, and they will give you a more unique and personal ring to wear throughout the years of your life.

The Claddagh Ring

Claddagh rings are a traditional Irish ring which is rich in history and hold a lot of meaning for the wearer. They date back all the way to Roman times and they feature two hands intertwined around a heart with a crown on top. There are many different meanings associated with these rings which is what makes them so special for a wedding day. The ring itself represents the undying love, respect, friendship and loyalty to your partner throughout your life. It can be a simple but effective design for your big day.

Family Heirloom

What could possibly be better than using an old family heirloom on your wedding day? It can double up as your something old and will hold special meaning to your throughout the day and through to the rest of your life. It could be that you have a family member who can’t be with you anymore, or perhaps your parents want you to have their old engagement or wedding ring for your special day. Whatever the reason, you can always go and get the ring resized and enjoy wearing a ring which holds meaning not only for you but also for the rest of your family too.

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