6 Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding Day with Poor Vision

Your wedding should be the best day of your life with nothing stopping you from enjoying the celebration of love. If you have low vision, you may feel like your wedding day will be tainted. You want to be able to clearly see all your loved ones, the décor, and everyone’s expression as you take the next step in your life.

You don’t need to let your poor vision take the sparkle out of your beautiful day – here are five tips for enjoying your wedding despite vision difficulties:

  1. Wear Contact Lenses

Many new brides or grooms worry about their wedding pictures while wearing glasses. While your glasses might look amazing on you, often they can cause glare in photographs. Wearing contacts is a simple solution to this. The idea of wearing contacts can be scary to those who have rarely tried them before, and your wedding day is not the first time to try them! Get yourself and your eyes prepared for the big day by wearing them a few months before, so no unexpected discomfort happens during your wedding.

  1. Take Eye Drops

Dry eye is a huge pain and causes the over-production of tears, which can affect both your focus and the way your eyes look. An easy way to prevent this is to find the right eye drops that lessen symptoms. Talk to your doctor about the best ones for you and spend a few months before the wedding testing the one that works best. This way, you can enjoy your day free of worry!

  1. Eye Surgery

Getting eye surgery might seem like an expensive and scary process, but it’s something that will benefit you for years after your wedding. You could even see it as a wedding gift to yourself! If you are diagnosed with cataracts and you’ve been putting off seeking treatment, then your wedding is the best excuse. With a cataract lens implant, you will find your vision restored to its prime, meaning you will be able to take in every tiny detail of your special day.

  1. Take Lots of Pictures

If you struggle with seeing things far away but don’t want to miss anything at your wedding, then take lots of pictures! Nobody sees everything on their wedding day, as there’s simply too much to do, but you can go back and reminisce as often as you like. Hire a great wedding photographer (or two) to capture every heartfelt moment.

  1. Seek Family Help

If your vision is particularly bad and you want to only focus on enjoying the day, then enlist the help of family and friends. Let them know that you’re worried and find people to guide you throughout the day.

  1. Enjoy Everything Else

At its core, a wedding is about love, which is something nobody can visually see. There’s so much to enjoy on a wedding day – music, chatting, food – so if there’s nothing you can do about your poor vision, then do your best to enjoy everything else your amazing day has to offer.

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