Wedding Planning Disagreements: How To Resolve Them Quickly

Believe it or not, planning a wedding is not always stress-free and romantic. In fact, it’s one of the most high-pressured and complicated things you are likely to ever do. So it’s not hard to see why many couples disagree throughout the wedding planning process. From choosing a venue to the size of the guest list, you might have very different ideas of what you want. These disagreements are impossible to avoid and can make your planning even more challenging. But by dealing with them quickly and finding suitable solutions, they don’t need to have such an adverse effect. Here are three common disagreements that couples have during the planning process and how you can quickly resolve them.

Wedding Planning DisagreementsPic

Your groom isn’t helping

Many grooms consider wedding planning to be a job that only a bride can complete. This traditional outlook leads them to believe they don’t have to contribute to the planning of their big day. Understandably many brides can find this frustrating and arguments can easily break out. To resolve this issue, you need to change their frame of mind. Let them know that you need their help and want their input. It is a momentous occasion for them too after all. You can also create a list of wedding-related tasks that they will find enjoyable. This will encourage them to get more involved, while also taking some of the weight off your shoulders.

You can’t agree on a budget

Money is often a common cause of arguments between couples and never more so than when planning a wedding. Your partner might be upset at how much you intend to spend on your wedding dress. Whereas you might be unhappy at how little he wants to spend on your food or wedding venue. Without agreeing on a suitable budget, multiple aspects of your wedding will be difficult to organize. So to resolve this issue once and for all, sit down with your partner and list all of your priorities. This should make compromising far easier because you have a clearer idea of what you both want. Anything that isn’t included on the list should be removed altogether. That way your money will be spent only on the items you deem essential.

You have different views on guest list sizes

The size of a guest list is the most common argument had by engaged couples. You might come from a very large family, whereas your partner might only have a handful of relatives they want to invite. Not having a clear idea of how many people to invite can make planning a wedding very tricky. So to resolve this issue, you need to set a limit and decide who is going to be invited to which aspect of your wedding. For instance, you might only want family at your ceremony and your work colleagues and friend at your reception. You can then set a suitable budget and find wedding and event venues that accommodate your set numbers.

While you might be tempted to ignore your partner’s views, this is not the best tactic to use. Find a suitable compromise to ensure you both get the wedding day you deserve.

Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings