Wedding Decisions (Or Lack Thereof)

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You’ve got a wedding to organize.

It’s going to be the fabled “best day of your life”. You’re going to love it. It’s a chance for you and your intended to stand in front of one another and pledge eternal love and commitment…

… but let’s rewind a little. Before that point, you’re going to have to face up to the necessity of making decisions. A lot of decisions. You’re going to be forced to make decisions on things you probably didn’t even know existed prior to entering into the world of wedding planning. You’ve got to have an opinion, then be willing to make snap decisions and just hope it works out as you intend.

It’s tricky, isn’t it?

The endless decision making can really take its toll on a soon-to-be-bride, especially if there are pressure and opinions being exerted on her by others. It’s easy to find yourself just making any choice, for the sake of being able to say you have done it and thus tick something off the to-do list.

However, what if you can’t do that? What if there are plenty of choices – more choices and options than you could ever have hoped for – and you still can’t make a decision? The indecisive bride is a massive concern, as it tends to mean one of two things.

Potential Problem #1: You Genuinely Don’t Like Anything

Just because there is more choice than you could ever dream of doesn’t mean there’s going to be an option that you specifically like. This could apply to anything, from the dress, to the invitations, even down to something as fundamental as the venue. You find yourself perusing the options but nothing grabs you, nothing gives you that insatiable feeling of “I want that to be a part of my wedding”.

Is there something wrong with you?

No! Of course not – you’re being selective. And that’s fine; frankly, if you can’t be picky about your wedding day, when can you be?

How Do You Fix It? There are a few ways to move past this. You can just keep going, viewing as many options as possible, until there is that magical moment when you see something you like. Or you can step away from the type of premade items you have seen before and dismissed, choosing instead to consult with bespoke wedding planners who will have seen and done it all before. If you can’t make a decision, an outside opinion can be hugely useful.

Potential Problem #2: You’re Too Stressed


What if you try all of the options above and still can’t come to a conclusion? The answer here is very likely to be stress. It’s far too easy to get utterly overwhelmed by these decisions, especially as every one of them seems completely crucial to your enjoyment of the day.

How Do You Fix It? Take a few days off from wedding planning. Get a massage; spend some time vegging in front of the TV. Just forget and relax for awhile, only returning to the planning when you feel genuinely ready for it. You’ll get there – there’s no need to rush.