Relive Your Wedding Day Again And Again With These Handy Tips

Your wedding day is a day you dream of throughout your life. You put no end of time and effort into making it perfect. And then it’s over just like that. Right? Wrong! You’ll always have the memories. Even so, the end can come as an anti-climax. Of course, you’ll have a husband, which is the ultimate goal! But it’s not a surprise that everything falls a little flat when the day is over. For such a long time, your wedding will have taken up all your thoughts. What do you talk about now? What do you have to look forward to? The future, of course! To take the sting off, you can preserve your special day and relive it whenever you want. Here’s how!

Wedding DayImage from Pixabay


Everyone is going to be armed with cameras, but it’s worth hiring a wedding photographer as well. Having a wedding album to show guests is something special. Having a load of pictures that your friends have put have online is not the same! With technology what it is, photographers can do much more than just printing photos. You could pay to have your photos put onto a disc. You could even pay for additional edits on your favourites. During the day itself, make the photographer part of the proceedings. We all know the best pictures are those when everyone’s enjoying themselves. Be as natural as you can so you can remember the feeling of the day when you look back!


If you don’t want to throw your bouquet to the guests, don’t! It may be a tradition, but that bouquet cost enough. No one will hold it against you if you want to keep it. Of course, flowers die, but that doesn’t mean curtains for your bouquet. There are great ways to preserve your bouquet. You could keep the preserved flowers as they are and put them in a memory box. If you wanted to see them more regularly, why not make something out of them? You could separate them and keep them in a photo frame. Get creative!


It may seem like sacrilege after the amount you spent on it, but repurposing your wedding dress can be a great way to get more for your money. The trouble with wedding dresses is that they’re only good for one day. You may want to keep the dress for when you have a daughter of your own. You would then you have to worry about storing it and keeping it safe. That option also means not seeing it again for years to come. If you repurpose it, you can take pieces of it wherever you go. There are so many things you can do! Why not make a headband with some of the lace? You could make a bag. You could make a more wearable dress with the body and have plenty of spare fabric to make accessories. Have fun with this, and wear your dress again and again!

Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings