Additional Wedding Costs To Work Into Your Budget

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There’s no doubt that weddings are expensive, but with the right planning and budgeting you can make sure everything runs smoothly. Along with the ceremony and reception, there are a couple of other expenses you’ll need to account for when you’re planning a wedding. Being sure that you’re not overlooking anything means you will have the best success and not overspend. Here are a few things to consider!Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

Also known as a doe and bucks party, a Jack and Jill party or a hen and stag party depending on where in the world you’re from. These nights give the bride a groom to be a fun ‘send off’ into married life with each of their respective groups of friends. You could keep it simple and arrange nights out or parties at home. Alternatively, you could go with a day trip, organize a group activity or even plan a mini-break. Since these parties tend to be held shortly before the big day, it’s worth setting aside a budget so that all of your income isn’t eaten up by the wedding.


After the big day, most newlyweds will want to go on a honeymoon. This is one huge expense to plan for, especially if you want to go somewhere particularly luxurious or exotic. Flights, hotels, new clothes and spending money. It can all add up, so it’s important to plan carefully especially since you’ll be saving for the wedding as well. It’s now becoming an accepted practice to ask guests for money towards your honeymoon instead of gifts. This can make things easier for you financially. But you’ll still need to have enough in the budget ahead of time to book and pay for the vacation itself.

Postage Costs

If your wedding invitations are elaborate and heavy, they will be more expensive to send. The cost of postage can really add up, especially if you have a lot of invitations to send. After the wedding, you also have thank you cards to send. Etiquette suggests that thank you cards should be sent within three months after the wedding. They’re an excellent way to show appreciation to your guests for spending the time and effort attending your big day. As well as thanking them for the gifts you received. Along with the cost of thank you cards, again you also have to consider postage prices. It can be a reasonable expense, so is something to consider when you’re working out your wedding budget.


If you’re staying in a hotel the night before or after the wedding, this is another cost to take into consideration. If you have friends and family who are traveling a long way to attend your wedding, you may want to look into paying for their hotel stay too. It’s an easy detail to overlook but isn’t likely to be cheap, and so planning for this expensive is important.

Are you discovering many ‘hidden’ wedding costs while you’re booking your wedding? What kinds of issues have you come across?

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