How To Pull Off A Wedding Color Scheme That’s Both Cool And Classy

These days, a wedding is just as much a visual experience as it is an emotional one. We live in the digital era where everyone is used to sharing their dream-like homes, holidays and yes, weddings, on the likes of Pinterest. In the run-up to your big day, you’ve probably spent quite a lot of time perusing picture perfect weddings online for inspiration. One of the best ways to tie all your wedding together is by using a color scheme. It can be scary adding color to an otherwise neutral-colored affair, but there are ways it can be done. Gone are the days when wedding color schemes were garish, tasteless and predictable. The wedding color scheme has been revamped for the 21st century, and can give you that Instagram-perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

The cake

White wedding cakes may be traditional, but they are quickly going out of fashion. The recent surge in the popularity of making means that more and more people are wanting a showstopper cake to impress their guests with. Speak to a local bakery or wedding cake company about what you would like and how they can bring your idea to life.

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The drinks

Champagne is usually the drink of choice at most wedding receptions. If you have a subtle color scheme, why not carry it over into the drinks? For example, if your color scheme is pink, add a touch of grenadine to your champagne to turn it pink. Alternatively, if your theme is apricot, add a dash of peach puree instead to turn your champagne a similar color. Plus, it will make it taste even better, too.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen

Even if you have already picked out your
bridesmaid dresses, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate them into your color scheme. Sashes tend to look dated, so try to avoid them. Instead, keep things subtle and classy with small bursts of color which are sure to bring out the brightness in your big day. Colored nail polish, colored jewelry or a bright flower in your bridesmaid’s hair are all subtle but fun concepts. When it comes to the groomsmen, it can be a bit harder to jazz up a plain suit, as men tend to wear much less accessories than women. That being said, you can still get creative with color on the groomsmen. Suggest that they wear brightly coloured socks under their trousers – this also makes for a great picture! Cufflinks and corsages are also a great way to brighten up their outfits.

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Your dress

You might be reading in horror thinking that we are going to suggest a bright blue wedding dress for your upcoming nuptials. Don’t worry, we know better than that! But that doesn’t mean to say you have to go all white when it comes to the dress. Consider getting a colored underskirt that will peep out from under your dress when you are walking along. This still adds colour to the dress, but in a subtle way that doesn’t detract from the design.

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