Want A Luxurious Honeymoon? Here’s What To Consider

Planning a wedding can be hard work at times. Some couples tend to be so focused on the day ahead that the honeymoon can be a forgotten thought. Whereas some couples focus solely on the honeymoon, and the wedding is a more relaxed affair. Whatever your style I think all newly engaged couples want to have the best day and honeymoon they can.

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However, one thing we can all agree on is that a honeymoon should be something that is once in a lifetime. Let’s face it; we only plan on getting married the once. So if you are considering a honeymoon that is a little more luxurious than the norm, then here is what you should consider.

Get there in style

One of the biggest parts of the honeymoon itself is the travel side of thing. It’s part of the excitement. So make sure you consider getting there in style. Some airlines offer first class cabins that are very luxurious. But there is nothing quite as luxurious as considering Private Jet Charters. Imagine that, your own private jet to take you away on your honeymoon. Other more unique options could be a helicopter or getting there by boat.

Think about the destination

The destination needs to be a place you have always wanted to visit. So I would recommend looking at your bucket list. A luxurious destination could boast your own private beach or a specific couple’s area where you can relax and unwind.

What type of accommodation should you consider?

Of course, a luxurious honeymoon means top class accommodation. So thinking about over water villas with private jetties is something you should be considering. If you want an atmosphere of a hotel, then consider accommodation that offers suites. You then have the benefit of both private time and a chance to socialise.

Is it a family honeymoon?

Some couples have chosen to start a family before getting married. So you may be considering a family honeymoon instead of a couples only affair. While you may think luxury is out of the question, then think again. Often accomodation in some of the most sought after locations offer family facilities. Meaning you could get the best of both worlds of family time and alone time on your family honeymoon.

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Romantic touches could make the lasting memories

It’s not all about the travel and accommodation; you also need to think about how you spend your time. Of course, relaxing on a beach with a cocktail will be high on your list, think about the romantic touches that will make for those lasting memories. Private dining under the stars, couples massages and treatments. They can all to the luxury factor of your honeymoon.

Remember you only do this once

Finally, try and remember that you only want to do this once. So don’t feel guilty about indulging on the honeymoon. This is your chance to spend some quality time with your new husband or wife after a busy period of wedding planning. Those final weeks leading up to the big day will be a bit of a haze. So look forward to this time and have that luxury break.

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