Visiting Negril on Your Honeymoon? Here are 10 Tips

Negril is a picturesque beach town on the West coast of the island country of Jamaica. It is famous for its beautiful white sand coastline, in particular, the Seven Miles beach, and honeymooners from across the world flock to this beautiful holiday destination for time away with their loved ones.

If you’re planning to visit the Caribbean islands for a luxury honeymoon vacation, Negril is a great choice. It has some of Jamaica’s most breathtaking beaches maintained by the world’s best all-inclusive beach resorts that offer affordable luxury stays to couples.

To give you a heads up, here are the most important things you need to know about visiting Negril.

What languages do Negril locals speak?

The residents of Negril, as well as the rest of Jamaica, speak Patois, a dialect which is a mix of Spanish, African, French and some English. But English being Jamaica’s official language, the locals speak in English when they talk to the tourists.

Rest assured that the attendants and staff at your resort will be proficient in English.

When is the best time to visit Negril for a honeymoon?

Anytime between November and March is a great time to visit Negril Island; however, December-end to March is the peak season, when airfares and hotel rates are at their highest and likely unaffordable for a majority of travelers.

Which are the best beaches for couples in Negril?

The Seven Miles Beach wins hands down in this regard, voted among the world’s top ten beaches by many leading online and print travel publications. Other great beaches are the Bloody Bay beach, Booby Cay, and the Bourbon beach.

How can honeymooners have a great time in Negril?

We recommend that you choose an all-inclusive vacation plan at a luxury beach-facing resort that offers several bespoke experiences for honeymooning couples. This way you’ll be able to gift your partner a romantic getaway that combines the best that Negril has to offer.

Can I pay in USD in Negril?

The vendors and hotels in big towns accept USD and you can also pay using traveler’s checks, credit card or PayPal. When visiting the rural areas or street shops, we recommend that you carry Jamaican dollars (the country’s official currency). Wi-Fi connectivity can be poor in far-off locations, so the credit card or PayPal may not work. Plus, it might be difficult getting change in US currency.

What is best way to travel across town?

Walking is a great way to explore nearby places. A good resort will have a collection of bicycles as well, allotted to guests on first-come-first-serve basis.

Cabs are easily available too, but be sure to ride with only licensed cabs (ones with red license plates) and confirm the cab fare before you start the ride.

If going for a day trip out of town, you can hire a minivan, which will cost less than a cab. But minivans are generally shared by other passengers, and they may be stuffed beyond tolerance. Also, they may not always run on schedule. If you prefer a rugged, local experience rather than an aloof cab ride, go for the minivan.

If you can afford it, you can also travel by shuttle plane available at the local aerodrome.

Can one consume alcohol in public places in Negril?

Although there is no restriction on taking a walk on the beach with a drink in hand, it is advisable not to drink in other public spaces. Negril is a family-friendly Vacation town and you’ll see a lot of young children on the streets and on the beaches. Moreover, the local culture does not encourage drinking in public areas.

What are the main attractions in and around Negril?

Aside from visiting the beaches mentioned previously, you can do cliff jumping at places like the Pirate’s Cave, take a hike up the cliffs, watch the breathtaking sunsets, visit the Lighthouse, take a day trip to the Mayfield Falls, go for Black River Safari, visit the caves at the Roaring River, or spend a few hours at the Appleton Rum Estate.

Is tap water in Negril safe to drink?

You can have tap water, but to be sure that you don’t fall sick, it is recommended that you use the filtered water provided by your hotel or resort, or purchase water cans at the local stores when you go out.

Does Negril have proper medical facilities?

Your resort would certainly have qualified medical staff for minor emergencies. If needed, you can visit the emergency medical clinic in town or the hospital in the nearby town of Savanna-la-Mar.

While there are plenty of pharmacies in Negril, it is advisable to carry your own prescription medication, particularly if you’re traveling with children or the elderly.

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