Unforgettable: How to Plan a Wedding Everyone Will Remember

Unforgettable: How to Plan a Wedding Everyone Will RememberImage source

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. All eyes will be on you and the event you throw. If you want to ensure that your memories of your wedding day are amazing and that your guests are also given an unforgettable experience, you will need to formulate a plan, but if you have no idea where to start, take a look at the following suggestions for creating a wedding that everyone will remember forever.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to throwing a really beautiful wedding, it is better to keep it simple than to throw the kitchen sink at the event. That doesn’t mean that you can’t put your own unique stamp on things – in fact, that is a vital element to creating an unforgettable wedding – but it does mean that you don’t need to go over the top. You don’t need to add things to your big day just for the sake of having them there. A venue, a dress, good food, simple decoration and your family and friends are all you need to create memories that will last forever.

Choose a Unique Venue

Unforgettable: How to Plan a Wedding Everyone Will RememberImage source

Traditionally, weddings were always held in churches or other places of religious worship. If the couple were unreligious, they would be held in a registry office or government building. However, many couples are doing away with tradition and holding their weddings in the most beautiful and unusual venues imaginable. Bluebell woods, treehouse, 5-star hotel, there are so many options when it comes to holding your wedding, that choosing the right one can be all it takes to create an unforgettable day.

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are amongst the most vital components of your wedding, and they are certainly one of the longest –lasting, your partnership aside. So, why not design your own bespoke rings that will make you happy each time you look at them? There are some great websites like https://antwerpdiamonds.direct/ where you can buy loose diamonds for your project, and most cities will have at least one bespoke ring designer who will work with you to create a special symbol of your love that will bring back all of the fond memories of your wedding day.

Only Invite Important People

Unforgettable: How to Plan a Wedding Everyone Will RememberImage source

There is often pressure on the bride and groom to be to invite everyone and their dog to the wedding, providing they have even the slightest connection with the family. This can lead to all kinds of headaches from saving a big enough budget to avoiding family arguments. You don’t need that stress. Put your foot down and refuse to invite your drunken uncle who always starts a brawl or the aunt who never stops judging you and your wedding will be all the better for it. You want your wedding to be remembered for all the good things, not for fights, drunken outbursts and jealous relatives. Do what’s right for you!

Hire a Visual Artist

Watching your wedding video back is one of the best ways of remembering your wedding day, so you do not want it to be a boring show! By hiring an artistic videographer, who is interested in telling a story and getting to the heart of your big day, you can ensure that you have a mobbing wedding video that is worth watching again and again on each wedding anniversary.

Mix-Up the Music

Unforgettable: How to Plan a Wedding Everyone Will RememberImage source

Wedding music can be tricky to get right. Everyone has different taste. You might love Beyoncé, but your husband’s a Nirvana fan, and those two just don’t mesh. Or do they? There is nothing wrong with mixing it up when it comes to your wedding day playlist. In fact, it’ll be much more fun; more people will be up dancing as they hear more songs they dig and everyone will remember it as a great party.

Make the Desert Spectacular

If you want your wedding reception to be remembered, as well as hiring a great caterer for the main event, you should consider choosing a unique dessert option, such as an ice cream truck, candy bar or donut cart. Everyone from your little cousin to your grandma will delight in the sweet offerings and think you’re wonderful for laying on such a unique treat for all of your guests.

Hire a Photo Booth

No doubt, you will want to have as many photos of your wedding as possible, which is why, as well as hiring a professional photographer for the big shots, you should also consider hiring a photo booth. This is something that is becoming more common, and it is a great way to bring an extra level of fun to the proceedings. Your guests will have a blast taking amusing snapshots throughout the night, and you will be left with some great photos that wouldn’t be captured by your average wedding photographer.

Create a Unique Cake

Unforgettable: How to Plan a Wedding Everyone Will RememberImage source

If it’s your kind of thing, why not go crazy with your cake. Some people like tradition, but if you’re up for mixing it up, there is no end to the number of unique designs you can have your baker create. Love Star Trek? Have your bride and groom in Starfleet Uniform? A fan of unicorns? Get that horse on your cake. It might be tacky to some, but it’s your wedding, and one thing’s for sure, no one is going to forget an unusual cake like that!

Give Good Gifts

It is customary to give your guests wedding favours as a thank you for taking the time to celebrate your special day with you. Most of the time, these tokens are less than inspiring and will soon be forgotten. You should be different. You should give your guests something they’ll treasure. One way to do this is by purchasing different favours for each guest, but if you don’t have the time or budget for that, you can’t go wrong with a candy hamper or something that is personalised.

Of course, the most important thing you can do to create a memorable wedding day is relax, have fun and take the time to enjoy the company of your guests, as well as your other half.

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