The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

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Getting married is an expensive business and with so many things to think about, falling into the cliché Bridezilla is all too easy. Making a list of all the things you need to do and decide might sound like a daunting task but it will help you to sort out your priorities and design your perfect wedding.

Here is our list to get you started:


Where you get married makes all the difference. With so many places to choose from the location is a very important decision. If you are asking friends and family from far and wide to come and witness your marriage, consider how they will get there before you set your heart on the middle of nowhere.


You may need to choose more than one venue for the day.Think about the proximity of each venue and how you will manage to transport all your guests from one place to another.


On the topic of arrival, there are all sorts of ways to make an entrance. A horse and carriage might be a romantic way to travel for you and your partner but a limo or even a party bus might be more realistic for all your guests. Have a look at for some inspiration.


Figuring out how many to invite and who to invite can be a real difficulty. Start small with close friends and family and work out from there. You can always invite some people for the party but not for the food if your budget is tight.


A simple color scheme is the most popular wedding theme but it’s your day so get creative with the things you love! Have a look at these real weddings for some neat ideas.

Food and Drink

A sit down wedding breakfast may be traditional, but modern weddings are for modern couples and you should feel free to do your own thing. The food is what most guests will remember so try something unconventional and fun to entertain as well as satisfy their hunger.

The Dress and Suit

Your wedding dress will probably be the largest expense of the day (after the venue) so take care choosing something you will love and enjoy wearing all day. A nice touch is to have the whole wedding party linked by a small detail like a rose in the buttonhole matching a corsage worn by the bridesmaids.


A good photographer will capture beautiful candid shots of you throughout the day as well as gathering friends and family for posed pictures.


This set of 101 cake ideas is probably all you need.


Choose your first song wisely and consider having some dancing lessons to make sure he doesn’t step on your toes and your don’t trip on your train.

Enjoy Yourself

This is your day and the two of your should make the most of it. Celebrate your way in your own style with everyone you love. After all, love is all you need.

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