Tradition, Schmadition – Old Rules You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Breaking

If there’s anything you’re going to learn by looking at the wide variety of different modern weddings on the site, then there’s one thing to learn about the idea of the modern wedding. It can mean absolutely everything. If you’re feeling constrained in your choices, then rethinking some of those old traditions and deciding to go your own way can be tremendously liberating.

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Sick of waiting?

The ideas of the traditional roles in any relationship are being opened and explored a lot more today than any time in the past. It might still not be the most common thing in the world, but several women are leading the charge when it comes to making the proposal. If you don’t want your guy to feel like he’s under pressure to make some elaborate display, or you’re worried about how much he may spend on a ring, then take the initiative. Whether it’s proposing or picking your own engagement ring, don’t feel like you have to simply wait for it.

It’s not a one-person job

Similarly, gender plays a big role in the tradition of the bride being the one to handle every little detail of planning a wedding. Some things are determined by which of you two is more likely to be interested in certain details. Breaking tradition so your future husband can choose table centerpieces when he has no interest in them isn’t going to help either of you. But make sure that he’s pulling his weight and as involved in the organization as you.

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The poor father of the bride

Nowadays, with rising costs and recent economic troubles, not every father is going to be able to pay for his daughter’s wedding. With more women independent and working than ever before, fewer daughters are expecting them to, either. If you’re worried about your parents thinking they have to pay for everything, put the funds together yourself, whether by saving or using long term installment loans. Some of you might expect some pushback from parents who feel like it’s their responsibility, but don’t let pride get in the way if you’re concerned that their finances simply can’t handle it.

Go anywhere you want

The tradition of the church wedding has been blasted wide open already but there are still some brides apprehensive about not having one. That’s especially true if you have more conservative relatives you’re afraid of letting down. However, weddings in parks, on beaches, even on rooftops are all becoming a lot more common. You’re going to wow absolutely everyone with your choice of venue. Choose for yourself and worry about winning them over later. This is especially true if you’re having a wedding on a budget and you can’t afford a more extravagant venue.

If you want a traditional wedding and you see some value in the examples mentioned above, then keep them by all means. However, let them serve as an idea of what other traditions you might be able to re-think. It’s your wedding, have it how you want it.


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