Top Yacht Wedding Destinations for Celebrating Your Special Day

The number of weddings is increasing, especially in 2022. Since the past two years have been distressing due to Covid-19, many couples have shifted their weddings to 2022. Hence, 2022 is expected to be a boom year, with roughly 2.5 million marriages happening this year.

For a lot of people, a yacht wedding is the ultimate dream. You can celebrate your special day on the open water with your loved ones. Plenty of destinations allow you to do this, and they’re beautiful too. But before getting to the destinations, here are some tips for a perfect yacht wedding and reception.

How to Celebrate a Perfect Wedding and Reception on a Yacht

Celebrating a wedding and reception on a yacht can be a truly magical experience. Start by finding a reputable yacht charter company, and discuss the details of your special day with them. Make sure to discuss the size of the yacht, the amenities available, and the cost of the charter.

Once you have chosen the right yacht, it is time to start planning the wedding and reception details. Consider the decorations, food and drinks, music, and any other special touches you would like to add.

On the wedding day, arrive early and prepare the yacht for the ceremony and reception. Have a designated photographer and videographer to capture all of the special moments. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the company of your loved ones, and thank your guests for joining you in celebrating your special day.

The key is to stay informed about the top tips and tactics. This will help you pick the right tips for your reception based on your requirements and preferences. You can read 5 secrets to the perfect yacht wedding reception or find a book on celebrating a special occasion on a yacht. 

There are plenty of resources available online. You can easily find such blogs and articles on the website of an established yacht charter company. They will have the right tips curated by experts and experienced whom you can trust.

Celebrating on a yacht can be tremendous. In fact, many couples like to spend their honeymoon on a boat. Going around the world through water bodies can be a pretty exciting experience. It can be very romantic, too. 

According to the 2020 Wedding Report that surveyed 25,000 couples married in 2019, the average honeymoon cost was $5,000. You can quickly get a yacht for a week between $5000 to $15,000. Hence, many couples are renting a yacht for their honeymoon.

Many people also took it as a way of celebrating their love during Covid-19. Since restrictions were imposed due to the pandemic, a few millionaires celebrated their wedding and honeymoon on a yacht. 

One example is the lingerie company Ultimo’s owner and member of the House of Lords of the UK, Michelle Mone. Michelle and her husband spent their love time on a yacht in the Mediterranean sea. However, they didn’t have to rent a boat because they owned one.

Best Locations for a Yacht Wedding and Reception

There are plenty of locations for celebrating your wedding on a Yacht. In fact, you can choose any island region, a water body, and a yacht charter that offers services there. However, some locations are simply better than others. Here are the top places where you can celebrate wedding receptions on a yacht.

St. Barths

St. Barths is a small island in the Caribbean that has become a popular destination for yacht weddings. It is French, has many luxury hotels, restaurants, and beaches, and is very romantic.

Due to this utmost romantic environment in St. Barths, many people celebrate their destination wedding here. Even celebrities can’t hold themselves back. The likes of model Devon Windsor celebrated a wedding ceremony in St. Barths. Since oceans surround this, you can quickly get a yacht here to enjoy a perfect wedding reception.

California, US

California is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the country. Why? It has plenty to offer, various locations, and some prime weather.

  • Weather: California is an excellent choice if you’re looking for warm weather during your wedding season. The temperatures are generally between 65°F and 80°F, so you can get married outside without sweating too much. Even in winter, it’s never too cold to hold an outdoor ceremony or reception, as long as it doesn’t snow on you.
  • Views: Whether natural or manmade, something beautiful about California makes every ceremony feel extra special, from sunsets over the ocean to views of cityscapes at night. There are so many places where couples have gotten married here because they wanted their friends and family members who flew in from all over the world to see something truly unique while they were there.
  • Food: Californians take pride in their food scene and ability to host memorable events, from farm-to-table dining experiences at top restaurants like Nobu Malibu to casual picnic celebrations on beach blankets with fresh fruits from local farmers’ markets nearby. You’ll find plenty of options within any budget range here.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy, is a beautiful place to get married. It’s an island off the coast of Italy popular with tourists worldwide. The weather is good most of the year, and there are many places to stay. This is an excellent destination if you want to celebrate your special day by getting married on a yacht.

Sicily has a rich history dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, including several historical sites such as Syracuse, Catania, Agrigento, and Segesta. These sites are great places to visit while planning your wedding day because they tell stories about how people lived in those times, and if you’re like me, learning about history will help keep your mind off all those details.

Italy is indeed a preferred wedding destination by celebrities. Many popular stars tied the knot and even enjoyed their honeymoon at this beautiful place. One famous name is Heidi Klum, who went to enjoy her wedding anniversary with her husband on a yacht in Capri, Italy. Another popular couple is Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker, who were seen leaping off a boat on the next day of their wedding in Portofino, Italy.


Antigua is a Caribbean island known for its stunning beaches, which are perfect for weddings. The island boasts many hotels and resorts, so you can plan your wedding at one of these establishments. This is also an option if you want to have your ceremony on the beach.

Antigua has been called “the birthplace of rum” because it was colonized by English settlers who brought sugarcane crops from Barbados to plant on Antigua’s fertile soil during the 17th century. Today visitors can take tours through Antiguan rum distilleries, where they can learn how rum is made and sample some local beverages.


Yachting is the perfect way to enjoy your wedding day. You get to celebrate with friends and family while enjoying some of the most beautiful views in the world. The food is usually delicious, and plenty of activities are available onboard if you want to make your wedding more than just a ceremony on deck.

A yacht wedding is a great way to make your big day memorable. It allows you to celebrate with friends and family in a unique location that will be etched into their memories forever. Plus, there are plenty of options for those who want something more intimate or have an unlimited budget.