Top Twists On A Traditional Wedding

Everyone loves the pomp and ceremony of a wedding. Let’s face it – they don’t come around too often, so it’s nice to get lost in dresses and tops and tails. Still, you’re a modern couple with contemporary tastes. Although classic is cool, it doesn’t suit your style down to the ground, and it’s your wedding so you shouldn’t make compromises. The last thing you want to do is cut corners on your big day.

Couples should never be afraid to make tweaks and involve the things which will put the icing on the top of the cake. Carry on reading to find examples for your information.

Wedding (Cheese) Cake

A tower of jam and icing is a mainstay of weddings around the world. However, you’ve got a problem: you don’t like it. Well, there is no reason to serve something you’re not going to eat. Firstly, this is your day and you should enjoy the food as much as the guests. Secondly, a cake is expensive and buying something you hate is a waste of money. Thankfully, a cheesecake is an excellent alternative, as is a pie or chocolate sundaes. You can still cut them and get the inevitable pic as well as enjoying an after-dinner treat.

Bride Photographer

If any brides are reading this, please continue with caution! A wedding photographer is essential if you want to document your big day, or are they? You see, more and more women are starting to take control of photos on their wedding day. For example, they take snapshots of the bridesmaids getting ready and doing their makeup. And, they shoot videos of the drive to the church. Yes, not hiring a photographer is a brave move, but taking the shots yourself does add personality. Alternatively, buy cheap cameras and let the guests document their experiences.

Daredevil Destination

Around 75% of ceremonies take place in churches because of the traditional and religious element. Still, some couples are taking things into their hands and choosing an adventurous wedding destination for their date. Why? Well, it’s for a number of reasons. Staying with the photography theme, there is nothing as remarkable as the bride and groom in front of a volcano on a beautiful summer’s day. Plus, there is the fact that it fits in with their lifestyle. Lots of couples are meeting on their travels, and it’s a nod to their other love. Finally, it’s a cool idea and one which is accessible now the world is a smaller place.

The Just-Married-Tini

Alcohol, mainly wine and lager are the staples of weddings. However, like cake, you and your guests aren’t in love with these choices. You’d much prefer a delicious, refreshing cocktail. Well, you can have one and so can your friends if you add them to the menu. In fact, some couples provide the ingredients and provide a self-service scheme, which has a novelty element. You can think of a punny name like the one above if you like, also.

Don’t these twists make your wedding day seem even better than before?

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