Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

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It’s one of the most talked-about parts of your wedding planning. It’s in pretty much every TV show and film that includes a wedding, from Friends to Bridesmaids. It’s so important it’s had an entire show based around this one shopping experience. It is, of course, the hunt for the wedding dress. And whether you’re planning an adventurous boho elopement, or a traditional church affair, you will no doubt be thinking very carefully about what you will look like on the day. But the shopping can be stressful, and with so much pressure based on the one experience, it can be overwhelming. Below, you’ll find some great tips to keep you stress-free and clear headed and make wedding dress shopping an enjoyable experience that you’ll come out of with the right dress for you.

Take Who You Like

Lots of people will want to be involved – but who should be? If you have quite a few bridesmaids but are the kind of person that doesn’t like a lot of solo attention, it might be better to just pick one or two and maybe your mom to share this experience. You can even divide it up, so some bridesmaids come to one shop and some to another, although if you handle things this way it’s a good idea to keep at least one or two people consistent so they’ve seen the dresses and your reactions the whole way through.

You also shouldn’t feel pressure to take anyone but who you want there and will make you feel comfortable. If you’re worried about letting someone know they haven’t made the list because of how you think they’ll react, you should perhaps consider whether they’re worthy of expecting that invitation in the first place.

The Dream Dress

You might have a super clear idea of what you want to wear in your head, and have done for years, or you might have no idea at all of even how to start looking. Whatever your vision (or lack thereof) going into wedding dress shopping, it’s worth reminding yourself to be flexible about this. Don’t dismiss a dress you love because it isn’t the one you’ve always pictured yourself wearing. Equally, it’s important not to get so fixed on a dress that doesn’t exist that you are devastated when you can’t find it. If it’s starting to become stressful, and prices are getting higher and higher, try make a wedding dress collage. From a bridal magazine, cut out all the parts of dresses that you absolutely love and then try choosing between them. You might find the result is a dress you’ve already tried, or it could be time to start considering having one made.

 Don’t Match the Rings

Ultimately, your ring is going to be on your finger forever, whereas the dress is just for one day. Brides can get caught up in wanting everything to match and conform to a certain theme but, at the end of the day, it will work if it’s in your wedding! You can look at red and black tungsten rings for him, or multi-coloured jewels for you, whatever you decide, remember it’s your wedding and you should to do it your way.



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