Top Ideas For An Unusual Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make and finding the perfect one can be a difficult choice, whether you’re choosing for yourself or someone else. The engagement ring is often a very tradtional piece of jewellery, but not everyone is a traditional type of person. More unusual engagement rings, whether in unusual cuts, stones, or colours, are making their way onto the market. Here are some of the best ideas to consider for a more unusual engagement ring. 

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Showcase Your Style

If your style of dress is not traditional, why should you choose a traditional style of an engagement ring? If you’re going to wear this piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, you want it to suit your personality and the style of the clothing you love to wear. If your look is cutting-edge, choose a very modern ring that will go with that. If you love vintage clothing, buy a vintage ring. If you wear a lot of colour, choose a ring with a coloured stone instead of the classic white diamond. If you pick something that goes with your style, you’re more likely to really love it and be proud to show it off. 


Go Vintage

You don’t have to buy a new engagement ring to get something really beautiful. There are lots of vintage engagement rings out there if you’re looking for something a bit different. A vintage ring is an obvious choice for those who love the retro or vintage style in general, but there are good reasons to consider a vintage ring even if your style is more modern. 


Some people worry about buying diamonds, as the diamond trade has traditionally had big problems with cruel practices. While the diamond trade is making big strides in guilt-free stones some people are still not comfortable with buying them new. A vintage ring means you aren’t directly funding the diamond industry, but can still buy a gorgeous diamond ring. 


Choose A Twist

If you’re not sure if a really out-there ring, but still want something a bit different from the traditional, like pieces from, you can choose a ring that is mostly classic in style but has something a bit different about it. For example, choose a classic stone in an unusual cut, or go for a ring that looks tradtional but has a stone in an unusual colour. You could pick an oval halo diamond engagement ring, for example, which has a slightly more unusual cut for the main stone, and then has the very striking halo of stones to bring sparkle and style to an otherwise classic ring. 


Pick Colour

The classic engagement ring is made with white diamonds, but there’s no reason you can’t bring in some colour. Engagement rings are now being made with all kinds of different stones, meaning that you can choose from a much bigger range of colours. A coloured stone in an otherwise classic ring can be very striking. Sapphires are particularly popular as an alternative engagement ring stone, as they are bright and beautiful, but are still strong.


If you do opt for a coloured stone, make sure that you have chosen a stone that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of being worn every day. Diamonds are used in engagement rings as they are strong enough to be worn every day and knocked around without becoming scratched or chipped. If you pick another stone, you need it to be strong enough to not be broken after a few years of wear. 


Focus On The Band

When buying a more unusual engagement ring, people often focus on the stone. Actually, the band of the ring can be used to make a statement too. You could choose a more unusual metal, like rose gold, or choose a band in an unusual shape. Engagement bands in a wave shape or a v shape for a very different look. If you do pick an unusual shape, consider how it will sit with a wedding or eternity ring later on. Buying a set that will stack together can work better for bands in a less than the traditional shape. 


You don’t have to choose a plain band either. Stones in the band adds some serious sparkle and can look really beautiful. Choose stones that match the main stone, or pick something completely different. If you’ve gone for a coloured gemstone for the main stone, why not contrast it with classic white diamonds in the band? 


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