Top 5 Weddingmoon Destinations You Should Consider

Honeymoon is the most exciting thing that every couple looks forward to after their big day. Moreover, this is the only time when they get to share some special moments after the grand event has finally taken place. Planning a honeymoon after already spending thousands on the ceremonies is not a walk in the park. Besides, for some couples taking time off from work to go for a long break isn’t practical.

However, turning down the entire honeymoon plan just steals away one of the biggest thunders of married life. Therefore, a new wedding term has been introduced: Weddingmoon! And this concept is in trend among all the couples as it relieves them from financial stress. Weddingmoon is a combination of wedding and honeymoon taking place at the same destination.

This minimizes their stress and prevents them from hassles that come from planning the two important events at different locations. Besides, your dream of a destination wedding too will come true as only your closest friends and family members to celebrate your union.

So, here are some of the most fascinating weddingmoon destinations. Hopefully, one of them might entice you too to plan the most memorable events of your life.


If you love beaches, you definitely might have dreamt of a beachside wedding at some point in your life. Now, you can fulfil your wish of an outdoor wedding followed by the honeymoon on the beaches of Florida in sunny weather. You may get the venue adorned with a classy and elegant floral decoration and a seating arrangement of your choice. The Vilano Beach or the Anastasia State Park at St. Augustine are the most preferred weddingmoon destinations. This location is famous for its outstanding atmosphere, serene ambience, and natural surroundings.

Moreover, you can take your vows with a sunset at the backdrop. An amazing feature of this beach is that there are no buildings. So, all you will be surrounded by is the beautiful views of the sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean. After the ceremonies have taken place, you can just stay there to explore the rest of the east coast island. Besides, the infamous South Beach that lies in the southern end of Miami beach is worth spending a day with the love of your life.


For the ones looking forward to a dreamy and exotic weddingmoon, Moorea is your ideal destination. The dry winter season (June to September) is the perfect time to plan your wedding and honeymoon in a beautiful tropical destination like the tropical island of French Polynesia. You can get married amidst the lush green mountains surrounded by the blue lagoon. Saying your ‘I Do’s’ in this super romantic place is going to be the most magical moment of your life.

The island also offers various options to explore the natural and historic sites of the island along with other attractions. Many resorts also offer you the privilege of staying in the romantic overwater bungalows in Moorea and they encapsulate the relaxing vibes of the location. Couples who would love to go for an adventure on their honeymoon can go hiking or mountain biking. Besides, you can also go for some water sports like swimming, snorkelling, surfing, and diving. In fact, a weddingmoon in Moorea can also be your opportunity to swim with sharks, turtles, and stingrays.


From a romantic castle retreat to an island wedding, Scotland has so much to offer the couples who wish for a unique and romantic union. It is a destination which some couples prefer for their wedding and makes for an unusual but wonderful weddingmoon. Since you asked for unique, why not have both of these events at the same destination?

In Scotland, you can get married in one of the castles turned into resorts or on a beach with a delicious seafood cuisine for dinner. You can also take your vows in the Shieldhill Castle’s candlelit chapel, or by a Loch. These astonishing places serve as perfect locations for your honeymoon as well. Moreover, Birmingham and Edinburgh are home to world-class museums and castles surrounded by breathtaking landscape views. You may also experience top-class dining, shopping and the vibrant nightlife of the country.


Jamaica is the third-largest Caribbean island that entails almost 700 miles of white and gold-sand coastlines. Planning your weddingmoon at this passionate and lively island is a great way to start the new phase of your life. Negril, the world’s most beautiful 7-mile beach and can be the perfect location for your big day. Moreover, this beach is home to many dramatic sunsets in the Caribbean.

After you are done with the ceremonies, you can stay there for your honeymoon and enjoy sunbathing and water sports like snorkelling and diving. A weddingmoon in Jamaica is going to the most wonderfully authentic experience of your life.

Besides, you can also plan your wedding with the marvellous waterfall and rocky gorges in the background in a resort in Ocho Rios. Imagine having a romantic pre-wedding and wedding shoot with such a breathtaking view of the cruise lines!


Getting married in a country that is home to some of the most mesmerizing waterfalls and astounding rainforests is no less than a fairytale. A weddingmoon in Brazil will add magic and vibrancy to your married life. The wedding destinations in the country have beautiful gardens, landscape and ocean views. You can exchange your vows at the Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, the place is also a perfect hideout for the newlywed couple after the ceremony has taken place.

A trip to Brazil is incomplete if visiting the most incredible rainforests in the world is not in your itinerary. While honeymooning, you can take up a trip on a luxury Brazilian amazon cruise and explore the serendipity of Amazonian nature, click here to read more if this is something you fancy. Furthermore, participate in the Rio carnival that many people dream of attending. You can watch the Samba Parade and get an insight into the Brazilian culture.

In a Nutshell

Now that you know some of the most fabulous weddingmoon destinations in the world, you can minimize your stress and plan your events. Since the wedding and the honeymoon are both once-in-a-lifetime things, you cannot just let anything take away your excitement. Therefore, settle with a location and give your life partner the most magical experience as you exchange your vows at an exotic location.



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