To What Extent Should You Customize Your Wedding?

One of the most challenging considerations for any wedding planning effort to face is striking the right balance between tradition and personal taste. Of course, sometimes these two things merge together quite well. However, for some, it can seem as though certain expectations are out of step with how they might like to plan their special day. For instance, same-sex couples getting married is now perfectly legal in many countries, unfortunately much later than it should have been. But does this mean that a same-sex couple needs to conform to the same ‘dress and suit’ outfitting as a hetero couple might find appropriate? What if two suits should be worn?

We use this example as something that once seemed like a new revelation, when really it’s just a new means for people to express their own normal. But thinking further, why should a straight female think she needs to wear a traditionally tailored wedding dress in order to look nice at her wedding, when really, she much prefers other clothing? These simple examples of true love being expressed how the participants would prefer quite rightful emphasises that if a wedding plan doesn’t work for you, you should think about who it’s working for.

To what extent should you customize your wedding? We have some advice below:

The Invite List

The invite list is quite clearly something you should get right for yourself. Do not feel as though you have to invite family members or acquaintances you would really rather not have attend. It can feel harsh, but remember, this is your day. For instance, if you know that an argument in your family has been ongoing and has caused upset at prior family events, wanting to stay clear from this is understandable and you should not feel shamed into thinking otherwise.

The Rings

As you have found the best- designed Ring Concierge for engagement rings on the market, you may wish to follow that up with your excellent selection of wedding bands. Some even choose to create their own rings or go through a customization service like this to help establish your personalities through the rings you wear. As such, you can feel pride in wearing them from now on, with the big day’s beautiful memory attached.

The Location

The location of your wedding has a massive part to play as a fundamental consideration, because it’s from here that we can expect all of the other decisions to be made. This means that customizing the location to be perfect for you can also be understood in terms of how this will enable family accessibility to the event, what kind of catering or celebration you can hold there, and just to what extent your creative control can reign free. For instance, certain venues will offer a wedding package, while others may just rent out space for your own free influence.

With this advice, we hope you can customize your wedding in the best possible sense.

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