Tips To Help Maintain Your Headband Wigs

In recent times headband wigs have become famous amongst black women; they help accentuate our beauty, giving us a glamorous and classy look all day long.

However, we need to know how best to maintain our headband wigs. This practice is so we can continually get our money’s worth out of them. Plus, you don’t want to go out there all dressed up in a smelly wig.

Therefore, in this post, we would be considering how every classy businesswoman should maintain her headband wigs. But first, what are they?

What Are Headband Wigs

Headband wigs, also referred to as “Lace-less wigs,” are hair products typically made of your choice hair bundle and hairbands attached to it. They are very versatile, and you can wear them in any style. You can also tweak the color of the headbands to different colors based on your need per time.

Besides, depending on the volume of the hair bundle, you can decide to either wear them forward or backward. For hair with thinner volume, wear the wig forward, then for hair with more volume, you can adjust the band back, leaving some hair exposed.

Advantages Of Headband Wigs Over Traditional Wig Types

1.   They look natural

One of the top advantages of headband wigs over the other wig types is their ability to look natural when worn.

2.   Time-saving

Headband wigs do not have laces attached to them, so you don’t have to spend time trimming off excess wigs against the conventional wig types. Besides, you don’t have to spend time gluing them in place whenever you intend to wear them.

3.   They protect your edges

This feature is yet another advantage of headband wigs. You do not need glue or adhesive of any type; instead, you will be using the headband to hold them in place. Hence, they are fantastic for your edges, keeping them protected.

4.   They are versatile and durable

You can also use Headband wigs to accomplish any style you have in mind. This feature makes them very versatile. Plus, they last for a long time if you maintain them well and save you a lot of cash.

4 Tips To Maintain Your Headband Wigs

To ensure your headband wig lasts for a long time, you have to maintain it properly. To do this, you need proper knowledge on how best to do the following:

1.   Washing Headband Wigs

Yes, you heard that right. Now and then, you must wash your wig thoroughly and appropriately to avoid damaging the hair. How do you wash headband wigs?

  • First, heat water till it’s warm (not too hot, not too cold). Pour the water over the wig and allow it to get wet. The warm water helps to remove excessive oil and any form of impurities from the wig, making it fresh again.
  • Apply wig shampoo and gently massage it onto the wig; this would remove specks of dirt that have solidified over time on your wig. After washing, rinse the shampoo off with clean water.
  • Use a wide-tooth wig comb to pass gently through the hair strands, starting from the hair bottom/tip to prevent breakage due to knots.
  • Apply a good moisturizing conditioner to the hair (avoid the hair root). Rinse it off afterward using running water.
  • Use a clean towel to wrap the wig, patting it dry. Afterward, place it on a flat surface and allow it to air dry. Avoid using a hairdryer if possible, so as not to damage the wig from heat.
  • Finally, apply essential oil to keep your wig moisturized and glowing.

2.   Storing Headband Wigs

If you are not wearing your wig at the moment, you can do something to protect it. Make use of good essential oil for hair care. Apply it to your wig to keep it moisturized before placing it on a mannequin head or a wig holder. This process would ensure it doesn’t become frizzy and hence protects the shape of the wig.

3.   While sleeping or bathing

I see some women taking their wig with them to shower or wear to sleep. No. that is not a good maintenance culture. Wigs can get tangled due to random friction when you wear them that way, so avoid doing so. Instead, when it’s time for a bath or to go to sleep, remove the wig and store as described above.

Also, do not wear wigs into swimming pools and avoid contact with direct sunlight.

4.   Personal Hair Care 

It is equally vital you keep a good hair care routine to improve the lifespan of your wigs. Therefore, your scalp and hair should be clean and healthy at all times. This way, there would not be a transfer of oil or residue into the wig when you wear them,


Headband wigs are becoming very popular in today’s world. They make you stand out wherever you are with the colors of the headband sticking out. Hence, they can be classified as a lifesaver for every professional woman who might not have the time to go to the salon but longs to look good at all times.

They are affordable and easy to purchase online and offline; however, like every good thing, you must maintain them to ensure they last long. In this post, we have highlighted 5 tips to help you maintain your wigs properly; hence, ensuring they give you your money’s worth. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, start practicing the best headband wig maintenance methods.