Tips on choosing the best diamond ring for your proposal 

Just like all matters of love, choosing the right engagement ring is a delicate process. There are some important details to consider before buying it.

This short guide contains all the important tips to help you find the ring that fits perfectly on your intended’s finger.

A Few Words About The Diamonds…

You don’t have any more doubts, and you are sure they are the one. The proposal is the following step.

However, the variety of diamond rings is vast. 

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to assess the true quality of the diamond and find the one with the best price-quality ratio. 

When choosing a diamond ring, the principle of Four C’s comes very helpful. The Four C’s refer to the four main traits of a diamond stone.

The way a stone is cut determines how the light reflects from its edges. Thus, the stone’s brilliance and colors largely depend on the cut.

Furthermore, the color of the stone is another important characteristic of a diamond. These precious stones come in amazing nuances of almost any color. 

Apart from the pigment, you should look into the clarity of the gem. The jewelers can be very picky about clarity, and it significantly affects the price. However, the recommended range of clarity for engagement rings is between VS1 or VS2. 

Finally, a carat is a measurement that determines the weight of the stone. One carat equals exactly 0,2 grams. 

It is up to you and your spouse-to-be to decide which of these characteristics is the most important one, depending on your budget, taste, and style.

Now that we’re clear about the basics, here are some additional tips for choosing the perfect diamond ring

The Budget

A wedding ring is forever, so it is understandable why people are ready to spend a bit more to have the perfect one. You might have even heard the advice that it is perfectly normal to spend three of four salaries on an engagement ring.

However, the fact is that our budgets, unlike love, usually have limits. Therefore, it is best to be generous and realistic at the same time. Setting a maximum budget should be your first step in the process of buying an engagement ring. 

Then, you try to find a ring with the best possible quality for the price you are willing to pay.

A Flurry of Details

Speaking of budgets, financial matters and logistics may quickly try to steal your attention from the moments that matter most – like choosing the ring, proposing, and saying “I do.” Indeed, everything that follows the ring and proposal seems to come in a rush. First, relatives will push you to name a date, which you can’t do until after you find the ideal spot to be married, such as this wedding venue in Brisbane. Then you need to figure out where you’ll be living, when to give notice, how to combine belongings, who should attend your wedding, where to house the out-of-town guests, and even whether to get a pet now or later – on and on.  

To save money, you may decide to combine households or quit your apartment sooner than initially expected. And just as you’re wondering where to store all your belongings, the wedding gifts start to arrive, and you’ll need even more space. 

To deal with all of this, call on a friend or relative who has been through this experience already and can help you plan and manage the details. That way, nothing will slip past your attention that can take the shine off your wedding, the ring, or your anticipation of a happy life together. 

Determine the Best Shape 

Diamonds usually come in several basic shapes. They can be square, round, oval, heart-shaped, and so on. 

If you’re not sure about the best shape, think of their symbolics. Round shapes are most popular and stand for perfection and endless love. Squares or emerald shapes represent strength and elegance. On the other hand, ovals symbolize creativity and fertility. The choice is yours!

Determine the Desired Quality of the Cut and Clarity

At this step, you are deciding on the beauty of the gem. There are two things to keep in mind: 

  • Your jeweler’s advice might not suit your true needs. You need something that looks beautiful to you and your spouse, not an exhibition piece. Therefore, focus on the wonderful shine, not on how perfect it is. Besides, perfection is costly.
  • In terms of beauty, the quality of the cut is much more important than the clarity. High clarity doesn’t make much difference to the naked eye but can make a huge impact on the price tag. 
  • The clarity and the quality of the metal are connected. For example, if you have a golden metal frame, the clarity can be slightly lower, as it won’t be visible.

Choose the Suitable Band Metal

As you might guess, the ring is not only about the stone. It is true that the stone attracts most of the attention, but the surrounding elements are also important.

Most probably, you will be able to choose from gold, silver, platinum, and white gold. Rose gold is a rare and exclusive metal.

Have a Carat Size in Mind

The general recommendation is to focus most on the cut and the certification. The size and weight of the stone are important, but not crucial. Besides, an oversized stone can even be a practical problem later on.

Bear in mind that the size substantially affects the price. So, if you want to save some money, choosing a slightly smaller stone can save you a lot of money, without any noticeable difference.

However, if you want to show how big your love is, go for it. At the end of the day, it is about your personal taste and choosing.

Always Buy Certified and Make Sure the Certificate Matches the Diamond

Unfortunately, a stone might look absolutely stunning, while it can be of very poor overall quality. That is why it is highly recommendable to buy rings with certified gems.

Just like other products, diamonds have brands that guarantee the best quality. Some of the most reliable brands are Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and DeBeers. 

Of course, with these brands, you can expect a higher price, but the quality is unquestionable. This is especially true for vintage Tiffany rings, which are very hard to find and whose value goes up to a dizzying $70,000.

Get the Right Measures

If there is one thing that needs to be perfect about an engagement ring, it is the measures. You don’t want your ring to slip or to block your bloodstream. 

It can be a tricky thing to know the exact measures of both your and your intended’s fingers. It would be best to go to a jeweler’s shop and measure them there. However, if you want to surprise your future spouse, you will need to be creative. You can try to “steal” one of their rings to be your model, or ask their best friend to help you out.

Conclusion: Affection Is Always Greater Than Perfection

Perhaps an ultimate tip for someone choosing an engagement ring is to never forget the meaning it has. Giving a ring to your better half is a powerful message of love, dedication, and willingness to share the hardships of life together.

Every little detail of the ring sends a message, and it should be picked to fit the person who is going to wear it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to think out of the box and perhaps choose something unusual and unique. What matters the most is to suit your future spouse’s taste and style.