Three Things Your Groom Is Guaranteed To Forget Before The Wedding

It is commonly known that you don’t know what real stress is until you’ve tried to plan a wedding. There is so much to think about: the venue, the guest list, the flowers, the dress… it really can be all-encompassing at times. Plus, it’s the biggest day of your life, so emotions tend to be running high from the get-go right up until the big day arrives. If you are looking after a child or working a full-time job alongside your wedding planning, the last thing you need are more tasks being piled on your plate at the last minute. But this is exactly what tends to happen when it comes to the groom. It will come as no surprise to anyone that the groom is typically less hyped about the wedding planning than the bride. However, there are still some things he needs to be proactive about to ensure that everything is in order by the time the wedding rolls around. Here are some of the top things grooms forget to do – so make sure you prompt him!

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A haircut

It’s not just women that love pampering you know. Gentlemen’s barber shops have seen a huge rise again in recent years, and going for regular haircuts and shaves are now just a normal part of many men’s lives. That being said, it’s only typical that your groom would forget to book himself in a few days before the wedding. Of course, it shouldn’t be difficult to book a last-minute appointment at some other kind of salon. But if he goes somewhere he’s never been before, he runs the risk of coming out with a trim he didn’t actually ask for! When you have a big event ahead such as a wedding, it’s best to stick to what you know and go somewhere you can trust for haircuts and beauty treatments, so encourage him to book in early.


Three Things Your Groom Is Guaranteed To Forget Before The WeddingImage source

The suit

Picture the scene: the look of horror on your face when you ask your groom what he’s wearing for the wedding and he gestures nonchalantly to his old work suit he’s had for 15 years. Okay, so this is a bit of an exaggeration – most men know they have to have a special suit for the wedding. But many of them don’t quite know what they are looking for. Chances are you’ll be far too busy to be able to spend a day suit shopping with them. Plus, would be nice for it to be a surprise, just as your dress is a surprise for them. Point him in the direction of a tailor’s you can trust, such as Custom Made to Measure Suits from Carl Nave.


Three Things Your Groom Is Guaranteed To Forget Before The WeddingImage source

Gifts for the groomsmen

Just as you have your bridesmaids to help you navigate through all things wedding, your husband to be will have his clan of groomsmen. Even if their role in the wedding is purely limited to the stag do, he still needs to get them some gifts to say thank you! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something to thank them for being a part of his big day. Personalized gifts such as pint glasses or socks always go down a treat with groomsmen, or a mini whisky gift set is affordable yet classy.


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