Three Destination Wedding Ideas If You Want To Stay In The Americas

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Your wedding day is always going to be one of the biggest days of your life. It is this day that begins the rest of your life – setting the agenda for a long future together. The ceremony marks the bringing together, in an official way, of two lives in the hope that you will both have a long future together as one. And although it is that future that matters most, it’s obvious that you want to launch it in the best way possible.

Although it is wise not to get too stressed and caught up in the pressures of planning a wedding, there are parts of it you will want to focus on. The guest list is important, as you want the people most important to you to witness the day. The date is important, because this will be one of the most significant dates every year for the rest of your life. And of course, the location matters, because it is the setting for a lot of memories.

When planning a wedding, then, you need to think about a location that will best suit you. A location which, when you look back at your wedding photos, will frame them in the best way possible. You need a location that speaks to you of the kind of bliss you want wedded life to be.

Napa Valley

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Famously part of the California wine trail, the Napa Valley is a perfect place for an oenophile to take a trip. It is becoming popular as a wedding destination, too, with some stunning locations in which to tie the knot. The scenery is uniformly amazing, and a wedding in a vineyard is one of the most serene ways to celebrate the big day. Not to mention you’ll find it easy to keep the bar stocked for the reception.


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When it comes to fantasy weddings, this is a prime location for couples in Mexico, the US and indeed from all over the world. The famous white, cool sands and deep blue sea provide a memorable backdrop. Getting married on the beach, an endlessly romantic setting, is something you won’t regret. It is a setting in which dreams are forged. And just think about an open-air reception as the sun goes down. Blissful.

Phoenix, Arizona

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Although not everyone’s idea of the most romantic place in the world, Arizona is blessed for natural locations. The odds are in your favor for a sunny day – good for your outfit and good for the photos. Arizona has on average 299 days of sun per year. You can source all of the necessities for the ceremony as well, as the famous Camelback Flowershop is likely near by and experts, so you can get all the details right.

Every wedding has its budget, and its own specific set of priorities for the newlyweds. These are things to take into account before finalizing plans. It’s worth remembering, though, that this is a day which will live long in the memory, so it is essential to get the main aspects right.


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