This Is How To Simply Allocate Your Wedding Budget


You’re getting married sooner rather than later. The engagement is official and, though it’s still quite a distance away, the wedding is looming. The main feeling is, and should forever be, on the excitement you’re feeling about the big day. You have been waiting for this particular and significant event for pretty much your entire life, after all. But amongst all of the furore and excitement, there will be times that require a calm head and an organised mind – you are a grown up, remember. You’ll be figuring out what exactly will be happening, who will be coming and a multitude of different other things.

These things cost money, of course, and if you’re not confident in organising what to do and what to spend on, it can be quite stressful. It doesn’t have to be too much for you, though. Let’s take a quick look at a few options.     

The Venue

It’s a big one and an important one! When it comes to figuring out exactly where you want to have the wedding, you’re going to want to the perfect one for you two. There’s the traditional option of using the church; you can look for a private venue and search for some wedding home rentals, a hotel, or something entirely away from the norm. Where to stage it sounds like a very basic thought, but it should take some thought as you’ll want the right place.

The Dress And The Suit

This is your day, remember, and you’ll want to look as beautiful or as handsome as you’ve always imagined you would since you can remember. There’s no issue in splashing out on amazing attire – it’s perfectly acceptable. Along with the paying for the dress itself, you may still have to pay an extra price for any alterations that may be needed.   

The Ceremony

It’s the main part of the entire day, some may perhaps like to keep it dull and traditional just to get it over and done with so they can focus on the party afterwards, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You and those around you may have waited years for this moment, and you may want specific things involved. Parts may be for you personally that will be remembered forever, or you may have something in there to keep the guests from being a little bored!

Food And Drinks

People like to eat! If you have a lot of people coming, you might want to think about keeping them all nice, full and happy. Sometimes the food is included in the wedding package, but if not, then you can get in touch with a catering company that suits your needs. When it comes to drinks, it nice to get a little drunk, but you must be mindful of those that choose not to drink alcohol or have a strict personal policy not to touch the stuff. There’s always soft drinks and sodas to drink!


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