Things to Consider When Choosing A DJ For Your Wedding Reception

A wedding ceremony is significant for everyone. It’s an event full of the celebration of love and happiness. 

Both the bride and groom want it to be a fulfilling event. However, when it comes to reception, many factors can break or make it. One of those crucial factors is the selection of a DJ.

The best DJ at your wedding is the one who prioritizes your choices and liking. But, how would you know which one is the best DJ? To give you a head start, we’ve selected the essential things you should consider when choosing a DJ for your wedding reception.

Let’s take a look at them.

 Reviews of Their Previous Clients

Nothing will tell you more about a DJ’s service than their previous clients. Hence, you need to be thorough in your research and read the reviews of their clients. 

Assess the pros and cons before hiring a potential DJ. You can also shortlist multiple DJs and compare their reviews together to select the best one. 

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Set Your Budget and Stick to It

You want your wedding reception to be an excellent and enjoyable experience for your loved ones. However, sometimes, we tend to go overboard and cross our budget, which is not advisable at all since it can put you through a financial crunch.

Moreover, you should remember that a wedding is about the celebration of love. It’s hardly about making a show of who spends the most. That is why, before selecting a DJ, set your budget. Decide whether you’d like to hire someone on an hourly basis or pay upfront for the entire reception.

Also, make sure that a DJ doesn’t rip you off. Research and see how much does a wedding DJ cost. 

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See How Communicative They Are

Communication is at the core of any successful collaboration. For your reception to turn out great, you need to stay in touch with all your vendors, including your DJ. You need someone who listens to your advice and considers what you want.

Before deciding on a wedding reception DJ, see how responsive they are. Ideally, they should return all your calls and messages within 24 hours. They should also be able to meet you for meetings frequently. If not, it isn’t the ideal choice for you!

Moreover, they should also be responsive to your needs. It’s advisable to prepare a do’s and don’ts list for your shortlisted candidates and see if they can adequately follow them without any sort of misunderstanding.

Your Ideal DJ Should Be Active in the Wedding Industry

We all want a great wedding reception. And a DJ with connections can make your wedding big! You need someone active in the local wedding industry and can give you their best services. It also includes their presence on social media.

You should check their followers and social media reach to ensure that they influence the industry. This way, when they post about your wedding, you’d be able to get more attention. But, more importantly, you can rest and enjoy the wedding knowing that you have hired the best.

However, before you make that choice, keep your wedding’s financial budget in mind. You shouldn’t hire someone you can’t afford. 

Assess Their Skills and Abilities

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider when selecting a DJ. You need to see their skills before you make a decision. For that, you can ask the shortlisted candidates to provide you with a sample of their work. This sample can be a video of the previous wedding reception they conducted. It could also be a mixtape that they made for another couple. The idea is that you should be able to listen to their work.

Also, see how energetic they are and what kind of vibe they’ll bring to your wedding reception –your ideal candidate should match your desired vibe. They should be able to get your guests exciting and enjoy the wedding reception throughout. 

Key Takeaway

Your wedding is important to you, and music is one of the most critical aspects of the reception. Your DJ should be someone you trust. After all, you’d be dancing as a married couple to their music for the first time, and it has to perfect. 

Remember, it’s your wedding, and you have every right to make it as you want. So, before you make a choice, make sure that you consider your budget, convey your expectations, and interview DJs before deciding on the ideal one.


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