The Shy Girl’s Guide To Walking Down The Aisle

He asked, you said yes, and now you can hardly sleep for thinking about walking down the aisle.

Sound familiar? For some women, that moment in the spotlight feels like it can’t come soon enough. For shy girls, though, the idea of walking down the aisle can seem like more of a nightmare than a dream. You want to marry the love of your life, you really do. But, when you think about all eyes turning to you, you feel sick. 

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You’re not alone in this. A surprising amount of brides find it impossible to relax before the big day because they’re stressed about the attention. And, as unlikely as it might seem, this is no reason to ruin the day of your dreams. 

In truth, walking down the aisle is a tiny part of your wedding, and it’s unlikely to be as nerve-wracking as you think. For one, focusing on your true love at the other end should be incentive enough to see you through. You could also take the following precautions to get down the aisle no matter how shy you feel. 

Choose a dress that makes you feel good

When picking wedding dresses, some women choose tight corsets in which they can hardly breathe. Others pick dresses with huge skirts that come with a real risk of tripping on that aisle descent. And, neither of these will help to fill you with confidence. Instead, seek a dress from companies like Allure Bridals that genuinely helps you to embody all-around confidence. You should be able to walk in it freely without feeling like you’re on a tight-rope, as well as saying, without a shadow of a doubt, that you look terrific. With that confidence behind you, the aisle might not seem like such a long stretch, after all.


Pick music that pumps you up

A whole lot of consideration goes into the ideal music for walking down the aisle. Most commonly, brides consider songs that mean something or have lovely lyrics. You can still do this, of course, but why not also consider music that pumps you up? Something like Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl (In the World)’ could work well here, and it’s pretty romantic too. Equally, you could go for something like Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ to boost you. Any song that has an excellent beat and confidence-boosting words could work here, so have a think, and don’t be afraid to pick music for this reason!

Practice makes perfect

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The chances are that you’ll have at least some access to your venue ahead of the big day, so it’s also well worth practicing your aisle walk ahead of time. While this won’t be quite the same as walking with everyone watching, it will at least help you to get your bearings. This way, you should come to realize that the walk isn’t so long after all. That knowledge alone could provide the confidence you need to stop worrying about this and instead enjoy the excitement of the lead-up at last.


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