The Most Iconic Seaside Cities for Your Destination Wedding

When it comes to destination weddings, one of the arguably most popular choices for many newlyweds is a beach town. And really, what better way to say your I do’s than at a beautiful, sunny, seaside resort? If you and your beau have been fantasizing about exchanging vows in such a dreamlike setting, here are five seaside cities to consider for your destination wedding.

Manarola, Italy

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Italy could never be a bad choice for anything wedding-related, and for the perfect seaside wedding, you will definitely want to look into Manarola. Although Italy has no shortage of coastal towns, Manarola is certainly one of the most gorgeous ones to choose for such a beautiful purpose. The seaside town is famous for its exquisite white wine and olive oil — both of which would make for the perfect addition to your cocktail hour if you are planning for one in your wedding ceremony timeline. The Cinque Terre hamlet, which dates back to the Middle Ages and looks like a tangle of colorful cliff-side dwellings overlooking the sea, would also splendidly contribute to an absolutely dreamy wedding backdrop. 

Malaga, Spain

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Pegged as the “new Barcelona”, Malaga is a culturally diverse coastal city that boasts gorgeous architecture, magnificent views, and a profound insight into Spanish history. True enough, the unique appeal of this city is that it perfectly combines its historical significance with its contemporary and multicultural character. As such, Malaga has plenty to offer brides- and grooms-to-be, starting from its many historical buildings, museums, a wide range of recreational activities, and of course — its stunning beaches. This Spanish region has amazing weather all year round, making it a particularly attractive location for beach destination weddings, so feel free to book your wedding at any time of the year that you deem fit for your special day.

Saint Lucia, the Caribbean

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A place that many wedding planners consider one of the Caribbean’s best wedding locations, Saint Lucia makes it easy to imagine yourself walking down a sandy aisle to the melodies and rhythms of calypso music in what would make for the perfect setting for a true celebration of love. Based on photos alone, it is evident that Saint Lucia’s beaches offer a unique opportunity for a truly wondrous wedding ceremony surrounded by unspoiled tropical jungle and crystal clear waters. Sealing the deal with your loved one would just be icing on the cake of such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Rovinj, Croatia

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Although Dubrovnik is considered the most well-known seaside town in Croatia, we would argue that Rovinj is not only an objectively nicer place to visit (way too many tourists in Dubrovnik!), but it is also a more sensible choice for couples looking to tie the knot in a beachy setting. For instance, the Hutterott Castle is a popular wedding location on St. Andrew’s Island (often referred to as the Red Island), which is approximately 15 minutes away from Rovinj and has everything the perfect wedding location should have: a dazzling landscape, excellent local cuisine and service, as well as a flexible music policy. So kick off your bridal shoes after the ceremony and dance with your loved ones for as long as you can handle it!

Lovers’ Point, Pacific Grove, California

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It’s all in the name, really: Lovers’ Point beach is a romantic coastal resort located in central California that offers a stunning shoreline and the option to exchange vows with the sounds of crashing waves and the charming calls of sea lions in the distance. Indeed, Pacific Grove is often the go-to location for many couples who view it as the most romantic city in the United States. This seaside wedding spot is suited for everything from a tiny lovers’ getaway to a grand wedding extravaganza. With a wide view of the dazzling Pacific as your backdrop, it is not surprising in the slightest that the beach resort is named after lovers.