The Little Details That’ll Enhance Your Wedding

Your wedding should be a day of fun and excitement; you want it to be the day that you will remember for the rest of your life, for all the right reasons. So to make sure that you can clinch all those things, you need to get the small things right. Those little details will help to bring the whole wedding together in a larger scale. It’s about making sure that it works as a cohesive unit and sets the right kind of tone on the day.

Sure, no one’s saying that the big planning decisions don’t matter because they obviously do. But they certainly shouldn’t completely overshadow all of the important smaller things that you want to do on your wedding day. The little things are often more fun to play around with too, so be sure to spend time on these things. Learn more about them below.

Enter and Exit in Style

The way you arrive at your wedding and the way in which you leave it will both be relatively small matters in the grander scale of things, but they also both matter a lot. You should try to make sure that you create a splash and do something that people will remember, whether that means hiring a car that can’t fail to impress or being creative with it in your own way. It really is up to you how you go about this.

Think About Entertaining the Kids

Many people take their kids to the wedding, and if you’ve made it clear that children are welcome at your wedding, you also need to think about how you’re going to keep them properly entertained when the party is underway. You should put on some specific entertainment options that will appeal to them or create games that they can get involved with. It’ll be a big hit with the kids and parents alike, so be sure to go for it.

Add Something Different to the Chairs

The chairs that you use at your ceremony and reception should have something added to them to make that that extra bit special. You could add some bows to make them that bit prettier and more visually appealing, while they blend in with the rest of the decor. Alternatively, you could fix plants or flowers to the chairs to give them that natural feeling that works so well at weddings. There are so many options, so consider them all.

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Make the Menu Cards Look Stunning

As your guests sit down at their tables at the wedding reception, one of the first things that they will want to look at is the menu. They’ll want to find out what’s going to be served, so why not deliver that information in a more impressive and creative kind of way? You could create your very own menu cards that look great and are unique to you. They won’t be like anything people have seen before at a wedding, so give it a shot.

Add Flowers to the Entrance

When your guests walk through the entrance for the first time, you want to give them the right first impressions. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do if you choose the right flowers for the entrance and make it look as beautiful as it possibly can. Arrange them in a nice way and make it look romantic and appealing. It’s a relatively small thing, but it definitely has a big impact.

Do Something Effective and Creative With the Lighting

Lighting really does have an impact on the general tone and atmosphere of the wedding, especially at the reception later in the day. You should try to do something new and interesting with the lighting options you have available to you. You might want to make it dramatic or you might want to keep things chilled out and subdued. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create on the day.

Personalise Food Items and Packaging

Doing interesting things with the food and the way in which it’s packaged and presented is a really good idea. These days, you can take advantage of anything, up to and including personalized candy wrappers. So make sure you and your partner put your stamp on the food. You could also come up with names for the dishes that play on a joke or shared experience among you and your friends at the wedding. There are so many different avenues you could go down with this.

Don’t Forget the Guest Book

Guest books are often taken for granted and even forgotten about completely at weddings these days. But they can be really nice items to keep hold of for years and decades to come. You’ll  be able to flick through them and read the messages that the most important people in your life left for you on that special day. Find a book that’s of high quality and encourage people to write in it at your reception. The more people that do, the better. Don’t miss out on everything the humble guest book can offer you.

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Show People the Way Around

Finally, you should make sure that people know where they need to go without asking you all the time. You can do this by adding arrows and signs to the venue of the reception. These arrows could point them to the main hall where the reception is being held, to the car park and to the toilets, among many other things. You can easily make these little arrows and signs yourself if you want to; it’ll really make the whole reception party run more smoothly than it otherwise might.

The details often far more than many people think or realize when they’re planning a wedding. If you can take care of the small things, the bigger issues will pretty much take care of themselves, and that’s just what you want. All of these cute little details will add something new to your wedding day.

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