The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Wedding Party Music

Music plays a critical role in making a wedding special and memorable. Think about it; in between worrying about the venue decor and guest satisfaction, the one time you truly enjoy your wedding is when the music comes on. This is why you must pay attention to your wedding party music. However, you can only achieve that if you choose the right wedding band or a DJ that can set the tone and mood right throughout the event.

And while there isn’t a hard and fast rule on the wedding reception music you play at your wedding, getting some things right can liven up the wedding party and keep guests entertained the whole time.

Here are some guidelines, including the do’s and don’ts to liven up your wedding party music.

Wedding Music Do’s

Some of the things you should do include:

  1. Hire a Live Band or DJ

Choosing the right music band or a professional DJ for your wedding party makes a big difference in the quality of music and overall impact on the crowd. Bands and DJs are experts who can read the crowd and play the music that keeps everyone on the dance floor.

You may need to see them in action first to avoid disappointments on your big day. If a live band gives you their video demo, ensure the people on the recording are the same people who’ll play at your wedding party.

  1. Understand Venue Acoustics

The size and shape of your performance venue will impact the type and quality of music you can play at your wedding party. Consider a band performance for a large party venue and a solo jazz performance for an intimate setting, such as a wedding breakfast.

Band performances tend to be noisy in small settings, while solo performances may not be audible in expansive garden venues.

  1. Choose a Theme

A great wedding party theme should tie nicely with the concert acoustics and the type of music. For instance, reggae and calypso music go well with a beach-themed party. Consider playing 70s and 80s music to create a cohesive atmosphere for a retro-themed wedding party.

  1.  Select Your Songs Well

Specific songs go well with particular rituals. A wedding party may require select tunes for individual occasions within the wedding party.

For instance, music for the father-daughter dance will be different from that of the mother-son dance, cake cutting, and first dance, among other significant dances. You can share the playlist, including the couple’s favorite taste, with the DJ or the band beforehand to allow them to prepare accordingly.

  1. Mix Up Genres to Alter the Moods

Start the wedding party with slow songs and gradually transition to more upbeat songs for a seamless energy build up. Play cheerful swing music for the drink reception, instrumental jazz for the wedding breakfast, and end the party with a full-blown disco for a lively dance party.

  1. Plan for Breaks

Your DJ or band will not play on stage throughout. Plan for alternative entertainment for your guests during the breaks. Determine how long their breaks will last to help you plan effectively. A compilation CD with the guest’s favourite tunes will suffice.

Wedding Music Don’ts

Here are things to avoid when choosing your wedding party music.

  1. Ignoring Guest Requests

Consider guest requests even if the couple already has a favourite playlist for the party. Ignoring their requests may make them feel left out and unappreciated.

  1. Playing Long Songs

Lengthy musical interludes can bore guests. Keep the party moving with short music. Ensure you pick a professional DJ that understands this. Note that live bands may play a little longer, though.

  1. Playing Unfamiliar or Obscure Music

Many couples will already have a playlist or music they expect to hear from their favorite band they invite to the party. Still, expect to hear unfamiliar songs from the DJ or some songs you may not have heard from the band before.

And while it’s good to incorporate songs the couple and guests may not have heard before, ensure you strike a balance. Otherwise, too many unfamiliar or obscure songs will make the party feel disconnected and disengaging.

  1. Hand Your DJ a Set Playlist

You booked your DJ or band because you believed they’re good at their art. Avoid restricting them to songs you want and those you don’t want to hear. Let them explore their imaginations and creativity to keep the crowd entertained.

Make Your Wedding Memorable!

Making your wedding party memorable is easy if you choose the right band or DJ. A good band or DJ knows how to set the tone and mood throughout the event. Lively and engaging wedding music balances the couple’s preferences and the guest’s enjoyment.

Understanding the venue acoustics and setting the theme based on that can accentuate the mood and drama of the evening significantly, it’s often one people forget to consider. Taking song requests from guests to keep the vibe up from everyone – and you never know, it might be a dance floor favorite!. Setting the right tone for a wedding with the right music can make your wedding day celebration memorable for many years.