The Best Champagne Cocktails For Your Wedding

Champagne is already a popular drink in its own right, thanks to its taste, fizz and luxurious qualities. However, when you mix it with other ingredients the magic really happens. If you are looking for the best drink to serve at your wedding, why not try one of the following popular champagne cocktails…

  1.     Mimosa – A Mimosa is arguably the most famous champagne cocktail. Not only can you enjoy this drink whilst partying the night away, but it also served with morning brunch and to guests when at weddings. The cocktail consists of one part champagne with one part citrus fruit juice. This tends to be orange juice unless the menu states otherwise.
  2.     Black Velvet – Black Velvet is a unique drink. It combines two ingredients you wouldn’t expect to put together – champagne and stout beer, making it greater for pleasing the male guests as well as women. Most bartenders use Guinness when making this drink. It was created in 1861 by the bartender of Brook’s Club in London to mourn the death of Prince Albert and is supposed to symbolise the black armbands that the mourners wore – probably best that you keep that to yourself, though!
  3.     Bellini – This cocktail originated in Venice, Italy, and is a mixture of champagne and peach puree. Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of Harry’s Bar, invented this drink and he called it the Bellini due to the colour, which is a lush shade of pink and reminded him of a painting by Giovanni Bellini.
  4.     French 75 – French 75 is a sweet cocktail that consists of champagne, gin, sugar and lemon juice. It was created in 1975 at the New York Bar in Paris. The reason it is called French 75 is because the drink was said to have a kick that felt like being shelled with the French 75 mm field gun, which was exceptionally powerful.
  5. San Remo – This is the perfect drink for beach weddings. It’s quite similar to the mimosa, except there is more going on with the San Remo. It blends champagne with orange liqueur and grapefruit juice. One sip and your mind will instantly transport to a hot and exotic location.

Once you have picked your cocktail, you need to decide when to serve it. One unique idea is to hire a party bus, such as those available at, and your guests can arrive in style to the wedding reception part of the day, having their cocktail on the way.


So, which champagne cocktail will you go for? If you do not like the sound of the five cocktails that have been mentioned above, there are plenty of other champagne cocktails you can enjoy, so don’t give up!

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