That’s Entertainment: Keeping Your Wedding Guests Happy

Your wedding should be fun for everyone who’s invited. You might have people from all generations turning up, so keeping them all happy won’t necessarily be easy. How do you entertain Great Aunt Sally while at the same time keeping tiny cousin Timmy from getting bored? Of course, there’s usually music to listen and dance to at the reception. However, many people like to go beyond that to entertain their guests. Not everyone wants to dance, and it can be difficult to find music anyone wants to sit and listen to. If you want to go further, try out some of these ideas.

Getting the Music Right

First, you should start by getting the music right. It’s essential to have some kind of music or it won’t be a real party. Without a band, DJ, or string quartet, everyone will start thinking about going home mighty early. Choosing the right music can be so hard. Firstly, you need to think about your budget. DJs can be expensive but live music costs even more. Of course, it’s only fair that your performers are paid well for their work. As well as your what you can afford, you need to think about what your guests will like. More importantly, what you enjoy matters too. It’s also essential to consider the venue. In some places, the acoustics might not be suitable for certain types of music.

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Fireworks Show

If you’re looking for your wedding to go off with a bang, there’s no better way than a fireworks show. Everyone loves fireworks, from old to young, although you have to be able to impress. You can hire someone to produce a show for you, or buy fireworks online and do it yourself. Of course, it’s best to get another guest to set everything off for you. You could have your fireworks before everyone starts dancing or perhaps set them off before you leave for the night.

Put on a Performance

Having a non-music act perform at your wedding can be a little risky. For example, not everyone is impressed by magic tricks. If you want someone to do some comedy, it’s going to be tough to find an act who will make the majority of your guests laugh. There are other options too, such as circus acts. Before you hire anyone like this, consider how it will work. At what point will they perform? How long for? And, most importantly, will everyone like them?

Photo Booth

Your entertainment doesn’t have to be something you stop all over activity for. There are lots of things your guests can do at any point during the day. A photo booth is an excellent way to capture some special photos. Your guests can have fun taking pictures whenever they want. You could provide them with props, and you’ll get to see how the photos change as the night progresses. There are lots of companies that hire booths for weddings.

Your guests are giving their time and money to be with you on your special day. So make sure you look after them and keep them happy.


Contributed by Laura Ellis