Subtle Ways To Incorporate Your Wedding Color Scheme

Choosing the theme or color of your wedding is one of the first things you’ll do as part of your planning. Having a color scheme helps to tie everything together and can even help you to narrow down choices for all sorts of things.

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If you don’t want to go all out, then simple touches are the way to go, and there are some easy and effective ways of bringing in your wedding color that will make things look elegant and stylish. Need some help with your colors? Take a look at some subtle ways to incorporate your wedding scheme.


Flowers are the easiest way to help your wedding theme to come together, and your arrangements don’t have to be ‘in your face’ to achieve it. If you prefer a subtle touch, go for floral displays that have a lot of greenery, and then add some accents of color with flowers. Take a look at some wedding flower ideas to help you find some inspiration for arrangements and bouquets.

The groom’s attire

Incorporating your color scheme into the groom’s look can be difficult, especially if you’ve gone for more feminine colors like pink, lilac or peach. However, some subtle additions to his look won’t take away from his style and will help to reflect your wedding theme. Search the tie racks for a tie that will complement your theme, while adding a pocket square, socks, and other details can let you add flashes of color. You could include shirts that match the theme too, or keep things simple to avoid your groom standing out for the wrong reasons.

Invitations and stationery

Your wedding stationery is the first place that people will get a hint about what your theme is. This is your chance to add color through fonts, backgrounds, and envelopes, etc. to help see your theme come to life on a page. You can speak to a designer of a wedding stationery specialist to design your perfect wedding invites, or you can design your own invitations to help you cut costs. Your wedding invites are actually a great way to see how your colors come together, and you might even decide to go in a different direction for the wedding itself.

Your table decor

If you don’t want to be too flashy with your table decorations and centerpieces, then there are things you can do to bring your color in without it becoming too fussy. A hint of color through the napkins, for example, can add something extra to your setting without going overboard. Some silk petals in your chosen colors can also help make a difference and are an affordable way to add some color to your day.

Choosing the colors and theme to have for your wedding can be difficult, but it will make your wedding unique to you and your partner and adds some style to it. Get help choosing your wedding colors and find great ways to make your chosen scheme and important part of your special day.


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