Have A Stress-Free Wedding With These Easy Steps

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Breathe. You Can’t Control Everything.

You can, however, prepare in advance, especially if your ceremony or reception is outside. Ask your rental company to put an extra tent on reserve. They may charge you a small percentage of the total cost, but it buys you peace of mind. You can also reserve stand-up fans if you’re worried about a heat wave. But don’t be checking the weather forecast every 30 seconds!!

Hire A Wedding Planner.

So many couples think they can do all of the planning on their own, and that’s completely fine – up until the day they break! If you can hire someone to handle all the things that you can’t, it alleviates so much stress. You should be a guest at your wedding, not the staff. If you are in or planning on having your wedding in Mexico, look online to find a wedding planner in Cabo.

Keep Your Schedule Clear.

It’s tempting to plan a big brunch or line up manicures, pedicures, hair, and a bikini wax on the morning of the wedding, but try not to do too much. (Unless it’s absolutely necessary.) Your wedding day will fly by faster than you could ever imagine. If you have too many activities, you won’t have space to take in the real once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Make Sure You Have The Dress Bustler Close.

Don’t rely on a safety pin and a wish. Have a friend or relative go with you to a fitting to learn how to bustle the train, (if you have one,) and make sure that person practices and sticks around post-ceremony to zip you in!

Assign A Photo Wrangler.

Do not waste 15 minutes of your cocktail hour trying to grab people for a picture! Designate someone ahead of time, a family member or close friend who is familiar with everyone and isn’t shy to get people together. Consider picking two people, one who knows the family and one who knows all your besties.

Stick Together.

Of course, you need to mix with all of your guests and catch up with people you haven’t seen in years – But don’t stay apart too long. Hold each other, be soppy and mushy! It’s your wedding day, not just a party. Show each other the love that you have one another otherwise, this may not leave you both happy at the end of the night. Plus, you’ll make it impossible for your photographer to capture you together!

Enjoy It.

Zippers will break, dresses will rip, flower girls will cry, you might trip! But what matters is what you’re showing one another, and the promises you’re both making. Who cares about the centrepieces?!!

As the bride, you control the vibe. It won’t matter if it’s peeing down with rain – if you’re all smiles and thrilled to be marrying the love of your life, the guests will have fun too.

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